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Rick Scott spreads the sunshine

Fresh off three nights in Washington D.C., Gov. Rick Scott will head back north on Tuesday to round up 120 frozen northerners and bring them back to the Sunshine State. The two-day, four-city "Share a Little Sunshine Tour" is part of an an advertising campaign from VISIT FLORIDA that will end in Chicago, where 120 people will board a charter plane for a four-day Orlando vacation underwritten by Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney World and "dozens" of other VISIT FLORIDA partners. Neither Scott's press office nor VISIT FLORIDA said how much the trip would cost. Before Chicago, Scott will visit Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.


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This guy is just unbelievable. So who is paying for King scotts fun time flight? I hope it is not florida taxpayers! I did not ask him to do this and I sure did not ask yankees to come to florida.


Johnson, my guess is that it is some Florida tourism board who is paying - some group who puts on TV ads around the country trying to lure people here...It may or may not include some taxpayer money to keep these (tourism) groups afloat ...Most likely it does include tax money...But maybe these groups should be cut from the state budget...After all, years ago they may have been necessary - but with the internet, and just general knowledge, everyone knows Disney is here and it is warm in winter

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