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Rick Scott, the press and the perils of gay-cowboy headlines

Politico looks into the growing pains of the relationship between the Florida Press Corps and Gov. Rick Scott. The best line "They should, Scott and his aides angrily told the press, refrain from posting frivolous blog items like the one about a Twitter glitch headlined 'Gay Cowboys, Handcuffs, and Rick Scott.'"

Somehow, it doesn't get more Florida than that. Sure, I'm quoted saying we want to move past news-as-news stories (hopefully this will put a dagger in it), but I'm linking to the full story anyway, which is here.


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Juana Maria

Hey Ricky, who cares what the press says. right? You can always pull one of your now famous quotes: "I cannot answer that", "I do not recall", "I am not aware".....It got you out of jail once. It should work with the ones that voted for you.

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