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Rick Scott to J.D. on state plane: I'm rubber, you're glue

Gov. Rick Scott's interim general counsel responded to state Sen. J.D. Alexander today over Alexander's questions about the legality of the state plane sale.

The crux of a letter from Rick Figlio (Charlie Crist's former counsel) -- I'm a lawyer, you're not.

"The governor relied on my advice that DMS had the legal authority to dispose of the aircraft," Figlio wrote.

"I would like to renew a request that I made to your counsel, prior to the Governor’s receipt of your most recent letter, that he help me locate any specific statutory provisions limiting an agency’s authority to dispose of surplus property in this manner. If any such restrictions exist, I would appreciate your counsel directing me to them as they will assist this office in advising the Governor regarding the scope of his powers as they relate to future transaction."

Your move, Mr. Budget Chairman.


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Nice article. Not to nitpick, but it's "Your move" not "You're move."

Great Scott

Nice try, but the property is not surplus and an executive aircraft pool is required by S.287.161 for the use of all 3 branches of government. The executive branch cannot legally decide to stop the program required by the legislature and sell its assets. I assume the legislature will ratify this illegal act to avoid further embarrassing the Governor.
Unless he tries to sell the Capital Complex next week, he might be OK.


The legislature has made a specific records request which you must comply with Mr. Figlio. The airplanes are not surplus property by any definition. You have unilaterally cancelled contracts, disposed of state property, and distributed state funds--all in violation of the law. Since you don't carry malpractice insurance the citizens of Florida are out of luck...but that doesn't change the fact that your advice was bad...and the Governor relied on that bad advice to his detriment.

No more lax ethics!

I don’t think it is right for Pam Bondi to use State workers during business hours to walk her dog! Her own employee, Jason Gonzalez, walks her big St. Bernard all around downtown for everyone to see. That is just wrong Miss Bondi! Where are your ethics? And, why would you ever think that it is alright to use State resources this way? Do like the rest of us and pay someone who doesn’t work for you to come take your dog out!! Not only that, but he drives her everywhere. I don’t recall any provision for the TAXPAYERS to provide a driver for the Attorney General. She should know better!

Randall McMurphy

Actually ANY member of the public can make the same "public records request" that Alexander made and the Office of the Governor is REQUIRED to release the records. Mr. Figlio needs to study some Florida Statutes I think rather than kissing butt to keep his job. Perhaps some news media outlet should make the same request Alexander made and pursue it legally when Figlio responds back with an asinine answer.


Great! Maybe once the real estate market turns around, the Obamas can put the White House up for sale! Seems like a big free for all to me!

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