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Scott campaign promises dropping like a rock?

Gov. Rick Scott promised to cut property taxes that pay for schools by $1.4 billion during his first year in office, and then another $1.4 billion in the next seven years. (He repeated that promise as recently as four days ago.)

But in the budget released today, Scott's cut would be $656 million in the first year. Collections would increase the second year, but the two-year cut would be about $1.3 billion.

Property taxes have been a hot political issue since the high-drama show down in 2007 between then-House Speaker Marco Rubio and then-Gov. Charlie Crist, who famously promised property owners that he'd make their taxes "drop like a rock."


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Scott's agenda is mostly about helping billionaires afford bigger yachts, not working people get educations and health care. If he gets impeached tomorrow, it won't be soon enough


"Let's Get to Work" ...ahem, at minimum wages, so corporate buddies of RC can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Reality Check

Gollum is just another republican that masterfully uses something or someone...this time its the tea party. The republican agenda is to crush middle class, folks like government workers. They want to give more to the wealthy. Just like Jeb Bush. This country is heading down a bath of rebellion. I just can believe the stupid people in the state that are brainwashed by these republican snots. If you are middle class and poor and voted for Gollum..you deserve your demise.

Seminole Pete

Does anyone actually believe that tRickster Scott-free actually won? Many repugs despised him and no Democrat voted for him! Think about it...

Blue and Green

Rick Scott says Florida has to be competitive nationally and internationally. Yes, he wants us all to work for Third World wages! You can't get blood from a stone, and if the conservatives keep on sticking it to the middle class there's going to be no one left to buy consumer goods, take out mortgages, invest in the stock market, etc. Just wait 'til they try to pass anti-immigrant legislation and the tourist boycotts start. We are going to be right up there with Arizona in the "most reviled states" category. How DID he win that election?

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