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Scott on FOX: Rail project is a 'federal boondoggle'

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The hosts of FOX & Friends this morning, who conducted th network's fourth interview with Gov. Rick Scott in as many weeks, compared Scott's decision Wednesday to derail Florida's high-speed train project to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's call last year to halt plans for a Hudson River train tunnel.

The comparison seemed to please Scott, who has created somewhat of a competition between himself and the rest of nation's govenors. The only governor who Scott mentions more than Christie is Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

One difference between Florida's rail project and New Jersey's tunnel is that Christie was frustrated the federal government woudn't increase its share of money for the project. Many believed Florida's project could be paid for without any state money, but Scott had already decided that building rail here would be a "federal boondoggle."

FOX showed Scott footage of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., saying he would try to work around Scott to get the money for the state. Scott's response:

"Well, it will be interesting. I don't know who is going to take the risk on the other... Look, if you look at the studies of these things, when they get built, cost way more than they think. That's step one. Step two is there is operating costs. Who is going to take responsibility for that?" Scott said.

Scott's allies had urged him to answer those questions through a bid process. The thought was the private sector was so eager to show high speed rail could work in the U.S. (Japan's foriegn minister made a special trip to Scott's office in January to make his pitch) that companies would be willing to assume the risks and put up the remaining money for Florida's project.

It isn't exactly clear why Scott decided to not ask for bids. But it is clear Scott still wants federal money. Here's what he said this morning:

"I wish they'd put the money into what we need in Florida. We need more money in our ports. We need more money in our highway system. We need more money in just our whole logistics," Scott said.



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There is our "jobs Governor". His interest isn't about jobs, it is about reducing corporate taxes.
I am good with 699,999 jobs; impeach Scott!

David Kuczenski

Either Dicky is suffering from amnesia or he needs to read a little Florida history. The train is not a Federal "boondoggle" as he accuses on fix news, the bullet train was approved by the voters of Florida in a constitutional amendment. How do I know this? I was one who voted for it.

Scott is a Crook

Scott is the Boondoggle who committed the largest fraud in the history of Florida, and followed it up again by running for governor with NO PLAN.
Scott supports more sprawl and congested highways not smart growth for the State of Florida.


I would sell my home and move to a more progressive state in a flash, except it's impossible to sell here in Florida because of the Bush recession.
Maybe after the slaves were freed, we could have let the sleepy, backwards south form their own little country. They'd be poorer than Mexico by now.


Tricky Ricky is only just beginning. Unfortunately, Florida has its own version of George Bush.


Rick is correct. This rail project is nothing more than creating another item for Obama's future resume. And we had to do all the works. Obama can spend all the money our government can print. At the end, we have to pay for his resume.



Thank you Governor Scott for making the courageous, common sense and fiscally responsible decision for all Floridians. The $2 billion is part of the $1+ trillion 2010-2011 budget deficit (i.e., money we don’t have and our children will have to pay back with interest). Like Scott, I have a private business background with much experience in project evaluation. The mantra is cost/benefit and the realization that consultant reports are often overly optimistic on the benefits side and frequently off the mark when it comes to cost estimates


Thank you Gov. Scott for shooting down this money pit. Bill Nelson is out of touch and needs to go. 2012 can't get here soon enough for me.


Thief-in-Chief Scott is a freakin' disaster for the State of Florida.

Tiko Broje

There is no bigger "federal boondoggle" than the interstate highway system. It does not have enough funds to pay for itself since spineless politicians won't raise the gas tax.

FYI-The interstate highway system was initially planned in 1921, yet didn't receive federal funding until 1952.

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