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Senate votes down bid for health care repeal; Rubio and Nelson diverge

The Senate just rejected Republican efforts to repeal last year's health care law -- with a 47 to 51 vote.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson voted against the repeal; Marco Rubio -- who campaigned against it -- voted for it.

Nelson earlier today called for the Senate to send the law to the US Supreme Court for a quick review -- saying it's likely going to end up there anyhow.


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Yeah , Dems want a quick review , just like they wanted it passed quickly without reading it . Just on that alone it should be thrown out. I say we should do what Egypt is doing and turn DC into a pit of rubble because of the corruption there!

Juana Maria

No surprise in Marco Rubio. Tea Party's darling. Cuban American. Anything but Obama's ideas. We are still waiting on his previous "promises" to lower Real Estate Taxes. Promises before he became a Senator. Let's hope past performance is no indication of future performance.

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