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Speaker Cannon doesn't rule out Rick Scott rail workaround

House Speaker Dean Cannon said today he'd be open to listening to folks who want to work around Florida Gov. Rick Scott's high speed rail rejection.

"I'm open to anything that anyone wants to propose," Cannon said this morning, adding "at this point I don't see how a project that big could functionally happen without some level of state involvement, but I'm willing to consider anything that anyone wants to propose, for sure."

But Cannon -- who said he didn't know about Scott's decision "until about the same time everyone else did" -- said he believes it was Scott's decision to make as governor.

"Apparently based on his analysis, the governor has concluded that high speed rail isn't a project he's going to pursue," Cannon said, noting that the Legislature had created a rail enterprise to allow the executive branch to pursue rail projects as "it saw fit.

"I think people are still adjusting to his decision," Cannon said. "But it's his prerogative as the head of the executive branch, as governor of the state to make that call."