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The House 'transformational change' committee

From: Cannon, Dean 

The 2011 Legislative Session is an opportunity for transformational change.  We should thoughtfully and systematically pursue true reform and avoid the temptation to make changes simply for the sake of change.

 Some policy conversations reach beyond the scope of an individual Member bill and do not fit neatly inside our predefined committee structure.  For that reason, pursuant to Rule 7.6, I am hereby creating the Select Committee on Government Reorganization. 


Privatization, performance standards, running government like a business, and information technology are appealing ideas but not panaceas.  Reform cannot consist of simply combining, recombining, dividing, or redividing government agencies.  Our goal instead is to engage in the work of identifying the specific and necessary work of government in order to eliminate the extraneous tasks that have been added over the years.  Florida government should be focused on core goals and structured to achieve those goals.

 To convey the importance of this select committee’s mission, I have asked Speaker pro tempore John Legg to serve as the chairman and Rules & Calendar Chairman Gary Aubuchon to serve as the vice chairman.   Speaker pro tempore Legg and Chairman Aubuchon are both well known for their work ethic, seriousness of purpose, and skill in handling complex public policy.  

 The Select Committee on Government Reorganization’s initial charge will be twofold:  first, to look at government programs that purport to promote or regulate private sector economic activity; and second, to look at government programs involved with health and human service delivery systems.  As time permits, the select committee may also pursue government reorganization initiatives in other areas.  The select committee is also encouraged to look beyond statutory changes and consider possible ballot initiatives.  More than a decade after the last Cabinet reorganization, now is an opportune time to examine whether the centralization of authority associated with those constitutional changes has produced the expected or desired outcomes.

 Members interested in serving on this select committee should express their interest to the Speaker’s Office by the end of business on Monday, February 7, 2011.  Please be advised that service on this select committee will likely require a significant investment of time.  I have indicated to the Speaker pro tempore that I expect the select committee’s work to be analytical, practical, exhaustive, inclusive, and conducted in public.  In addition, Members and stakeholders should be advised that it is my intention to refer the product of this select committee to the Appropriations Committee and then to the Floor.

 I have assigned Teresa Tinker, staff director for the Economic Affairs Committee, and Carol Gormley, staff director for the Health and Human Services Committee, to serve as the lead staff for the select committee.  I will allocate additional staff resources as necessary.