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The lobbyist and the lawmaker: Over the years, David Rivera has paid his consultant big bucks

Before launching his bid for Congress last year, David Rivera embarked on a record-breaking campaign for the state Senate, amassing more than $1 million in donations some eight months before Election Day.

Rivera paid $250,000 of that money to his fundraiser and longtime ally, Esther Nuhfer — including $150,000 in “bonus” money, records show — all for a political campaign that Rivera never finished.

Rivera dropped that state Senate campaign early to run for Congress. With Nuhfer’s help, Rivera went on to easily win the congressional race, defeating Republican opponents in the primary and Democrat Joe Garcia in November.

But Rivera’s nascent Washington career is in jeopardy, as criminal investigators in Miami and Tallahassee comb through his personal finances and campaign accounts — including the Senate account that fattened Nuhfer’s pocketbook. Investigators also are focusing on Rivera’s tight relationship with Nuhfer.

Rivera has denied any wrongdoing. Nuhfer did not return messages seeking comment.

Since 2006, Nuhfer’s consulting firm has received at least $817,000 in fees from Rivera’s political campaigns, or from political committees tied to the Republican congressman and former state lawmaker, state and federal campaign records show.

How some of this money was spent remains unclear. Full story here.


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Smarter than u think

Lets see.
$$ shaken down by the Approps Chairman
$$ deposited in 527, cce and campaign
$$ paid to Nuhfer for her "brilliant" strategery (because she is a world renowned pollster, media consultant and grassroots consultant)
$$ flows to Chairman's account or friend's account
Does any $$ end up flowing back to the Chairman? Lets take a guess.

Maybe the FBI should also look into past campaigns running for the Republican Executive Comitteeman in Dade where there are no disclosure requirements of dollars recieved and monies raised. Maybe they are...

Pucker up!

Rivera is scum

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. I can't wait to watch Rivera do the perp walk.

col. kurtz

Did he really need $1M in "consulting" from her? How did she get so brilliant? Has she ever worked a congressional or senatorial campaign?What issues has she lobbied? Whats her background, experience? Did she ever work in government or industry? What polling has she done? He paid her for what advice? How can you be a media expert, pollster, lobbyist, campaign consultant, political consultant, and nobody ever heard of you? Answer: she's a pass-through. A pure creation, specially-designed as a carve-out to absorb money. A laundry clerk. Useful part of the scam. She strutted Miami talking about how much money she was going to make off off the congressman and senator now that they were elected to Congress. She's already been to Washignton several times and attended the swearing-in. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. She made additional money off of contracts and clients referred by her handlers, did political work for their campaigns. The Herald only has the pieces they can put together from the public records. What about all the other hidden pieces?


I imagine the nosferatu of Miami politics is even paler now than usual.

But it wouldn't be the first time a hottie traded on her looks--regardless of her other talents--to make money in the capitol off the political process.

In a process filled with fat old men, slim slick ones, and brash young ones all wearing dark suits, who wouldn't prefer to talk turkey with this chica, rather than, say, nosferatu's mama.

Get a Life

Envy and jealousy written all over this blog. Failed politicians envious that Rubio and Rivera are in Congress. Failed political consultants and lobbyists envious that Nuhfer has been successful. Hope you all go to church today and ask God to heal your envy and give you peace.


I don't think we're envious or jealous of one of the wormiest little thugs that muscled his way through the dung heap that is Dade County politics. Rivera is a punk who was brazen enough to steal big. Marco is a punk wrapped in a slicker package and didn't have Rivera's audacity when it come to outright theft.

And, I won't be going to church today to hang out with pious idiots who protect these crooks.

Get a Life

Envy and jealousy written all over this blog. Failed politicians envious that Rubio and Rivera are in Congress. Failed political consultants and lobbyists envious that Nuhfer has been successful. Hope you all go to church today and ask God to heal your envy and give you peace. Then maybe you will focus on doing something positive for yourselves.

Jesse Helms

Get A Life is right you all should just stop whining and go get a job at MD WASA like Esther did and learn the craft there and afterwards grow a pair or get them surgically enhanced and see how your fortunes will change.
You are all a bunch of flat envious slackers!!!!!

col. kurtz

Speaking of pass-throughs. Why did "The Kemble Group" get paid so much during the Miami-Dade slots campaign? Isn't this Rivera's buddy Alex Diaz delaPortilla's slush fund? Run by DLP's bag man Tom Kemble. I hear the FBI and the state attorney is now looking into this. These Cuban Miami pols are all a bunch of scum bags. Everyone knows the Kemble Group was paid to funnel money to Senator DLP. Just look at the campagin reports. Disgusting.

The Kemble Group,Inc.,
1730 Highland Place
Tallahassee, Fl 32308

southern sister

Hey Claudia. If you're still looking for where DLP stashed his money, try looking at Kemble's bank account. You'll find it there. Or just ask the FBI or state attorney to find it for you. He never deserved you anyway.

Rivera is scum

Jealous? Ha! That is a funny one. Who would be jealous of scum that everyone hates? Rivera is just reaping what he sowed. There a plenty of reasons to despise him and jealousy is not one of them.

Get a life

Don't you know the more you insist on denying your jealousy the more you prove how jealous you are? It's quite obvious you are a miserable failure and can't stand to see others succeed. Please go to church today and pray that God relieves you of your envy and gives you peace. Then get on with your life.

Get a life...sentence, David

Seriously, you need mental counseling, ironically named Get a life. It isn't 'jealousy' to call out a criminal. That's called having a moral compass. Defending Rivera while you invoke the church is like saying a Hail Mary for Al Capone.

Rivera is scum

Yes, Ms. "Get a life"... you really should get one. No one respects you or your criminal boyfriend.

Rivera is scum

hmmmm.... interesting.

Oh, and Rivera is one of the Times "Loser of the Week". So fitting.



Look at this one... she looks like a fat pig in her off the rack Dillards "Junior" department formal that she doesn't even fit in.

"Get a Life" is a Fat Liar

Hey, "Get a Life": you have no credibility with your ridiculous mantra and your blasphemous use of God. Are you so dense that you think people "envy" corruption, deception, betrayal of public trust, lack of character, and setting up your mother in flimsy money laundering scheme where she is in peril of going to jail? Do you think men see that fat, corrupt lobbyist and "envy" Rivera's sex life? Your comments reveal that ridiculous and worthless shield of "envy" used in the exile to deflect all criticism of immoral or illegal activities. You are clearly a sociopath if not Esther or Alina....

"Get a Life" is a Fat Liar

The Speaker of the House and Majority Leader Cantor have to be held to the fire to live up to their rhetoric about morality and ethics in Congress. Every Republican should contact them as well as the Department of Justice and the FBI as the money laundering of national campaign contributions involves interstate fraud.

"Get a Life" should remember that her cynical use of God and her defecation on the truth will be brought up at the pearly gates. But then sociopaths only use religion.

Seek God and inner peace

Let's pray that the envy and jealousy so obviously on display in this blog will be healed and that God will bring peace to the inner turmoil causing it for them.


Yo Ms whatever you are... you are pathetic with your use of Godisms. Not gonna work on us... not gonna work on HIM. Give it up and guit hookin for a living. Get an honest job. No one is "jealous" of you or that scumbag Rivera.

Seek God and inner peace

We will keep praying for God to heal your inner turmoil and relieve you of all your envy and jealousy.

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