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White House: Scott's decision: "Unfortunate"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the White House considers Gov. Rick Scott's decision to turn down federal high speed rail money an "unfortunate decision." And Carney suggested the money will soon go elsewhere.

"There's been a lot of bipartisan support for the need to create the kind of modern infrastructure in this country that will enable us to compete," Carney said. "High-speed rail is very much a part of that. We will make sure that that money is used elsewhere to advance the infrastructure and innovation agenda that is essential for economic growth."

He said Obama believes high speed rail is "essential" to creating an infrastructure "that allows us to compete.

"I've heard some other countries are very advanced in high-speed rail," he said. " We need to be. He believes that. And it's also an important job creator."


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lets get to work is a big lie from RICK SCOTT.What he really means is lets go to the unemployment line and let the rich folks run Florida into the ground


You know what is unfortunate? How about the U.S. $14.3 trillion debt and $1.5 trillion deficit? Or that the new budget submitted the other day is %3.73 trillion? So you tell me that they have money to spend on a pipe dream?


As a parent I would love to trust our federal government. However Barack Obama and Bill Nelson dole out federal cash like two 17 year old girls at a mall after receiving their first credit cards. The difference is that when my 17 year old can't pay her debt, she has a father to step in and help. When the federal government can't pay its debt who si going to step in and be our dad? I promise you this it won't be someone with America's best interest in mind. (China!!!)

Thank god Florida's state leaders Scott, Cannon, and Haridopolos know how to create a fiscally sound spending plan that doesn't include appropriations for shiny new shoes or bullet trains! Mr. Obama I think it was your decision to spend our country into an economic chasm that is the true "unfortunate decision."

Marie Tapia

How unfortunate for Florida to have a Governor who refused a golden opportunity to acquire high-speed rail transportation. It would have provided jobs, increased tourism for our state, and provided a much needed transit system for all. Shall Florida continue to stay in the dark-ages always lagging behind all the major metropolitan cities with its great transit systems. I wonder if Governor Scott has ever heard of carpe diem or does he only listen to his own agenda; which by the way can be completely off the track.

George Fuller

Rail traffic is a huge money loser. Would you be riding the train?...And neither would anybody else....

but.....you would get to pay to subsidize it to keep running empty......

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