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Will a Republican senator sue to stop Rick Scott from killing bullet train?

The high-speed rail drama is showing little sign of abating. Now, it could become more than just a tale of flip-floppery by some pols, or an intense debate over Florida's future transportation and its financial health.

Word in the halls of the Legislature is that some Republican lawmakers are thinking of filing a court action to stop Gov. Rick Scott from killing the bullet train. Just what the action would be is unclear. The man at the center of the talk: Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, who's known as the "legal brains" of the Senate.

So what does Simmons say? Nothing. When asked if he were considering a lawsuit, here was his response: "I think it’s premature to talk about that. I really can’t talk right now. I really appreciate you calling."

But you realize that if you say no comment, it suggests you're considering a suit?

"Well, I'm not saying that," Simmons said. "But I can't comment."

A majority of the Florida Senate has already penned a letter to the USDOT asking it to sidestep Scott's order. Some members are being pressured to strip their names from the letter.

The fact that a Republican senator wouldn't pour cold water on the idea of suing a Republican governor speaks volumes about Scott's relationship with the Legislature. Add to that Sen. J.D. Alexander's displeasure over Scott's handling the sale of the state plane, and it's going to be quite a lawmaking session.



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Hi speed rail is a waste of money. Can you imagine if Bush were the one dictating to the people of Florida where to spend their own money. I can hear it now "Bullet trains for the RICH". But it is OK since Obama is doing it.

And thus we have more evidence of nanny state government dictating how we spend our own money. It is a shame!!!!

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The challenge of our past remains the challenge of our future; will we be one nation, one people, with one common destiny, or not?

Orlando J

Uh, it's only "our money" if we use it on the rail. If we don't, it goes to California. I can't imagine anyone other than Rick Scott being stupid enough to give away $2.6 BILLION and 26,000 desperately needed jobs, just to prove that the federal "gubment" shouldn't be spending money on Florida.

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