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ABC News: On Rubio's ipod, Nicki Minaj

ABC News' Nightline aired it what it called the first national TV interview with the "tea party superstar" -- spending time in Rubio's basement office in Washington and in Miami -- with the GOP'er ABC says is the first senator to arrive with such fanfare since...Barack Obama.

Other than the fact he ruled out running for president in 2012, but was a little squishy on a veep bid, ABC learned Rubio has hip hop star Nicki Minaj on his "play list" -- "it'll probably hurt her record sales," Rubio quipped -- and doesn't want Barack Obama to be reelected.

"I hope he doesn't get reelected and the reason why is I think his policies are ultimately bad for America's economy and for America's future," he said.


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jk im not nicki haha

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