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After a month on the job, attorney leaves Scott's office for private sector

C.B. Upton, one of two deputy legal counsels Gov. Rick Scott hired in January, left his $100,000 job in the governor's office for a law firm in Tallahassee a month later.

Upton, who was the Department of State's general counsel and worked in the Attorney General's office before joining Scott, now works for GrayRobinson, a corporate law firm with 10 offices in Florida. See his bio here.

Upton did not respond to an e-mail about his departure or new job.

He left Scott's office Feb. 19, according to Amy Graham, Scott spokeswoman.


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Robert Jenkins

Yes and as he was leaving, he was heard to say; this Scott guy, is nucking futs!!!

sunshine (or not)

Hahahaha! Gotta hand it to this guy. I guess after a month, he'd seen enough to get out while he still could. Mr. Upton will definitely not regret this move.


Anyone who works voluntarily for Scott is lacking common sense or morals or both. Mr. Upton could not possibly comment, he probably needs to make a living in Tallahassee and the Scott/Republican bullies have long and vengeful memories.

good move

I am sure once he got to the Governor's office he realized what a cluster the whole Scott operation is. Although Gray Robinson is no bastion of liberal values, it's not Tea party central like the Governor's Legal Office. Good for you for having the foresight to follow greener pastures!


I support the Governor, and I want him to succeed, but his office is a complete and total mess. His decision to bring in people from all over the country who dont know the state...its history...its traditions...its LAWS...its 2,500 different constituencies....is a huge mistake. He probably hates bureaucracy more than any governor we've ever had. Yet his office might as well be the federal government, its so paralyzed.

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