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After killing 24k rail jobs, Scott says he'll create 30k from Miami ports project

Gov. Rick Scott has ordered Florida Department of Transportation to prioritize a $77 million dredging project in Miami that he says will create 30,000 jobs. The announcement comes just hours after Scott put the final kibosh on a high-speed rail project that was estimated to create about 24,000 jobs in Central Florida.

“Today I directed the Florida Department of Transportation to amend their work plan to include $77 million so that Florida can take another leap forward in international trade,” Scott said in a statement.  “This is the type of infrastructure project that will pay permanent, long-term dividends, and provide a solid return on investment for Florida’s taxpayers.”

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"As Floridians, we know best where our resources should be focused".......voting or recalling this idiot and his crew.



Saul Goodman

High speed rail is a long term jobs booster. By connecting different urban centers in Florida, the high speed rail promotes economic trade and expansion. Scott is a nihilist crook, and probably a pill dealer. There was no good excuse not to let the federal government buy us the high speed rail system we adopted a constitutional amendment to have constructed, and which the previous executive and legislature already accepted. Scott is deliberately sabotaging the fiscal health of the state of Florida because he is an anti-government anarchist who's made billions by skirting legal requirements and regulations in the health industry.


Spoken like a true lobbyist there Saul; what did your pet project get shelved?

Too bad. It was a boon-doogle in the making. This country/state/county is mired in debt...but that doesn't seem to mean anything to those who have their hands-out for more.


Just wondering, Creating 30,000 jobs is great! But should it come at the cost of 24,000 jobs? Did the high speed rail project have to die in order to create those specific jobs? Is this a good thing? It figures that this new project would create more income for Florida than a high speed rail. However, is it possible some of the additional international trade opportunities might bring our new Governor some personal profit? After all, how much do we really know about Mr. Scott? Do we know all there is about his many different streams of income? These comments might mean political death for me, but as a Floridian, I need to know his agenda has Florida's best interests at heart.

Get Real

Even 30,000 jobs is a drop in the bucket compared to Cueball's outlandish campaign promises. I guess Central and North Florida can forget any financial growth for the next four (or forty?) years. He is lucky the Tea Sackers will ignore his promises of jobs if he just eliminates social program funding and lays off lots of public employees.


Hmmm.....let's do the math....30,000 jobs PLUS 24,000 jobs = 55,000 jobs...Not to mention the jobs that could have been created to expand the rail system in a TOURIST state. Think about it, the rail system could have brought MORE tourists because travel to major attraction cities would have been easier. More tourists, more jobs.
The rail could have then been extended to include stations between Orlando/Tampa where riders could visit other cities in between, spend more money on various venues there, and create MORE jobs.
His objections to the taxpayer being stuck with any burden, yet he stands firm in his decision to deny Floridians with an opportunity for job creation.
Scott should be impeached ASAP. He is in it for himself alone and cares squat about anyone who disagrees with him. Just ask the many people who have posted less than favorable comments on any of his sites and has thereafter been blocked from posting anything on ANY of his sites.


Ok, I can't do the math either, lol...34,000 jobs.....Need more coffee;)


I will have to agree with you Chris even if your math is a little off. Drink more coffee.

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