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Allen West pledges to cut federal spending, hails federal dollars for Fort Lauderale airport

Ah the contradictions: Broward Republican Rep. Allen West Tuesday was one of 54 GOP'ers to vote against a temporary spending bill that Republican critics said didn't cut deep enough.

"The American people recognize that we must no longer take these small calculated measures," West said of the bill which cuts $6 billion from this year's budget -- and keeps the government running for another three weeks, or until Democrats and Republicans can reach a compromise.

But on Wednesday, Rep. Allen West touted the award of a $21 million dollar federal grant to Fort Lauderdale –Hollywood International Airport to be used for the construction of a "much needed, second commercial runway."

West in a press release said the runway project will generate at least 11,000 jobs and be complete in the fall of 2014 with an estimated budget of $791 million. 

"This runway is long awaited and much anticipated,” West said. "At this crucial time for our economy, it is imperative that we encourage this kind of development, which will bring thousands of jobs with it and boost tourism – South Florida’s number one economic engine."


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Can't stand my Rep

My Rep is an Ass

Larry Snowden

The airport money for the grant West supports does not come from the massive stimulus package, earmarks, etc. Please note: The money comes from a trust fund filled with fees from airline tickets. Allen West does not oppose all government spending, just wasteful spending.


Why is it so "contradictory" to oppose excessive, wasteful spending but support useful spending? West correctly recognizes we need to cut spending - but that doesn't mean no spending at all.

Skip Commagere

The hypocrisy expressed in this article is on the side of the author. It's funny but sad when the uninformed try to inform us.

This money comes from a "trust fund" set up from the proceeds of airline ticket sales. This is user group funded and will do wonders for the South Florida economy. The only way it could have a negative effect on our Federal Budget is if, over the last few years the Democrats stole it from the "lock Box".

Nice try....But next time be informed.


We hope the government is as generous with the property owners and their rights as more than 400 homes will be impacted with noise from the new proposed runway, which is being perpetrated by the Federal government! Are we going to enusure these folks are compensated for their property loss? Is government working for the regular working class American or just big business?


Do we really need a new runway? The new runway has been justified by claims that FLL is the 5th most delayed in the country. As a commercial pilot that commutes from this airport and routinely flies in/out of it for the last 10 years, I beg to differ. Anyone care to guess where most traffic goes from FLL? New York? Ever heard of the ground stop program, where air traffic bound for congested airspace (weather, too many planes, etc) are held at the departure airport until the arrival Air Traffic Controllers can accommodate them? Perhaps the 5th most delayed airport will now have a $791 million dollar runway to park aircraft on until ATC can handle them. Speaking of waste, the FLL airport has ground radar to track aircraft. This helps to mitigate runway incursions, and generally to assist with the flow of traffic on the ground. However, the addition of a North runway was rejected, as it was deemed unsafe due to the chance for a runway incursion. So, is the ground radar to track the planes on the ground that one day a year we have fog in the morning? Why not use it to minimize runway incursions on another North runway, then we can preserve our tax base and keep waterfront property from Davie through Dania Beach habitable? While on my rant, the airport expansion "team" estimates $80,000 per home to mitigate sound. Really? How much of that is for product and installation? This entire project reeks of corruption, and will adversely affect far more than those in the immediate vicinity of the airport. also, there is a sign on the airport property touting the use of over $5 million in stimulus money to fund this debacle. More money from landing fees? I think not.

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