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Another sweetheart job deal for Ray Sansom

gary-01.jpgA Fort Walton Beach insurance agent told prosecutors yesterday that he gave Ray Sansom a $7,000-a-month job in 2009 as a favor to developer Jay Odom.

Initially the agent, Gary Paulzak, portrayed it as altruism for Sansom, whose life had been "ruined in every way" by the criminal case against him.

But later in an interview Paulzak, acknowledged that he owed Odom money. "I wasn't forthright," he told prosecutors, who had asked him earlier about the debt. He said he assumed that by hiring Ray, the debt would be "lessened."

Sansom tried to get a license but was denied because he was under indictment by a grand jury, along with Odom and college president Jay Odom. Still, Paulzak continued to pay him $7,000 a month in 2009.

"The thought behind the job was that Ray lost his career, the news had destroyed him, the government was coming after him, and he needed to start a new career," Paulzak said under oath. "I believe that Jay wanted to help him."

Paulzak said he had not met Sansom before he hired him. He was interviewed yesterday by State Attorney Willie Meggs and investigator Jim Anderson yesterday under subpoena. Paulzak said he had been questioned by the FBI and did so under the influence of narcotics.

Photo taken from Paulzak's insurance business website.

Posted by Alex Leary


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Cynical Idealist

Why am I not surprised? Republicans continue to take care of one of their own, despite the fact Sansom will soon go to jail. We can only hope he comes to his senses and rolls over on all the crooks who ripped off RPOF


I'm still scratching my head to determine what law Ray broke here? If these new claims are in fact, the whole truth, then the focus of this article should be only on Paulzak. Evidently Sansom followed the rules (again) by applying for a license and there isn't any law that caps an employee from being compensated. If I wanna pay my janitor $7K/month....it's my decision...discussion over!! Mr. Paulzak may have crossed the purgury line but then that would not be sexy enough to report! Sadly, the media has been the judge, jury and executioner from day one right after Ray was betrayed from within his own inner circle. Ray Sansom is a honorable man of character who has an inner strength which will guide him thru this needless vally of shadows. You will not break his will by repeated attacks so stay the course, Sampson and remember...the truth will set you free!

Steven Czonstka

The "case" against Ray Sansom is a hit job by Prosecutor Willie Meggs from Democrat-controlled Leon County. Ray is an ethical public servant who has performed well enough to be elected Speaker of the Florida house. One of his sins was that he was from the NWFL Panhandle. He has nothing that has not been done by previous Speakers (such as TK Wetherell-FSU). He will be vindicated.

Get Real

With Richbourg now coping a plea and rolling over on Fatboy Sansom and Odom it is almost certain they will both do prison time. Fatboy's only hope is that he can rat out enough of the Amex credit card bandits from the RPOF to cut his own deal. Lil Marcocito's promenade to the presidency could be rudely interupted. As could the political futures of other members of the Republican elite if everything comes out. Stay tuned to this one.

Allan Stearns

The tar and feathers are all prepared, but the case has not been decided yet. Why not let the courts do their thing before we crucify the accused? There is enough guilt to go around for all of us, so why are we judging someone based on what we read in a possibly biased new media report? We might be surprised (read.disappointed) by the outcome.

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