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Broward schools superintendent retires

Broward Schools Superintendent Jim Notter has just announced his retirement, effective this summer.

The move does not come as a surprise. In the past year and a half, the feds arrested former School Board member Beverly Gallagher, who is now serving time in prison, on corruption charges. Former board member Stephanie Kraft faces pending state corruption charges.

And last month, a statewide grand jury issued a scathing report saying jurors would abolish the entire school board if they could (which they can't, under state law). That prompted the school board, bolstered by four new members elected last year, to call for an unusual, interim evaluation of Notter.

After news of Notter's retirement spread Tuesday afternoon, Kraft, who has pleaded not guilty, tweeted: "So sad to hear that Jim Notter is retiring as of June 30th. I wish him well. He is a very caring person."

The Broward Teachers Union was swift to react, too: "By resigning, Superintendent Notter has taken the most important step possible in restoring the public’s trust in our school system," BTU President Pat Santeramo said in a statement. "Notter has been a leader in Broward schools for years as superintendent and deputy superintendent and simply cannot separate himself from the district’s pervasive culture of corruption and resulting public distrust."

Notter, a lifetime educator, has long said the superintendent job would be his last one. He is a grandfather -- one of his daughters is a Broward school principal -- and has served as superintendent since August 2007. Read Notter's school district bio here.

UPDATE: Read our full story on Notter's retirement here.


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I WAS A STAUNCH NOTTER SUPPORTER TIL HE PERFORMED HIS " FACE TURNING ACTIONS. Maybe now our students can get a FABULOUS superintendent who WILL really get to the root of it all and change our dis-functionality into a productive and positive system. Would be a dream come true or our county schools.
Bye Jim Notter.

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