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Chamber uses police and teachers to anger police and teachers in new TV ad

The Florida Chamber of Commerce's latest ad has angered police and teacher union members in Tallahassee this week protesting changes to cuts in their salaries and benefits.

The ad offers up a sentimental pitch to viewers that attempts to sympathize with "police officers and teachers" to get viewers to support a bill that strips police officers and teachers from using direct deposit from their paychecks to pay their dues.

But the move has prompted the union's grassroots effect, Awake the State, to start a petition drive urging people to sign this statement: "The Florida Chamber says it speaks for the interests of Floridians, but we know different. This high-priced lobbying firm only speaks for the interests of wealthy, multi-state corporations, not the interests of Florida’s communities and small businesses."

Here's the text of the chamber ad:

Firefighters, police officers and teachers are facing uncertain times. So the last thing they deserve is for unions to take away their hard-earned money to play politics, sometimes without asking for approval. That’s why the Supreme Court voted to allow workers paycheck protection. After all they do to help us, isn’t it time we helped them?


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Johnny Highroad

Sounds like rank-and-file union members get more say in what brand of politics they choose to participate in, or choose not to participate in, as the case may be.

This will force the higher-ups to listen more to rank-and-file members.

More choices, more listening. Nothing wrong with that, if you AFSCME.

Bryan Bouton

this is one of the most asinine things I have ever seen...as a member of the FEA/NEA/AFT I know where my money goes...all three of those organizations are ONE ISSUE groups...they support elected officials who support education. Seriously, the Chamber needs to stop pandering to their own self interests and stay out of MY bank account...Remember, I'm a taxpayer too.

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