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Gov. Rick Scott says high-speed rail jobs won't last -- is he right?

Gov. Rick Scott defended his drop-kick of Florida's high-speed rail train again on Wednesday in an interview with Fox & Friends in New York. Host Steve Doocy asked Scott about the state senators' lawsuit against him and the project's job-creation outlook.

Scott's response: "Short-term jobs. The federal government gives you all this money and then you have to pay for it down the road."

So is he right? Would high-speed rail only create temporary jobs?

Read PolitiFact Florida's analysis here.


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It is true that the high spreed rail jobs will eventually end, but because of the existence of the high speed rail, businesses, etc. will re-locate here and the jobs they bring will replace the ones lost when the high speed rail is completed, but that is a lot of years down the road, if the rail goes to the major population centers as planned after the Tampa to Orlando leg is completed - Orlando to Miami, Orlando to Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa to Tallahassee, it could just keep growing and growing.

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