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Haridopolos defends his unpublished textbook as worthy of his fee

Senate President Mike Haridopolos brushed off an AP report on Haridopolos receiving $152,000 from Brevard Community College to write a book that had only one copy printed -- at times testily defending his work Tuesday.

Asked whether it was worth $152,000, Haridopolos replied: "I don't know, how much are you worth?"

But Haridopolos said he hopes the college publishes or releases the 175-page "Florida Legislative History and Processes," telling the St. Petersburg Times editorial board that he met all his obligations under a contract with the college over four years. Haridopolos said he's sure he has a copy, but it's up to the college to release it.

The AP reported the book doesn't meet an original contract's call for a "publishable, textbook-quality look at the development of the Florida Legislature, state constitution, the governor's office and judiciary from pre-statehood until present." Instead if offered nuggets such as cell phones are essential. Little research is apparent.

"I hope they publish the whole thing so that your version, which I find – I know you’re a very serious writer of course – and so ... that you can see the whole book, not just four excerpts from it," he said, calling the text "worthwhile.'

"And I think if we ask the question, did you read the context? I think you can take anything, any four or five lines out. I did not have a professional editor finish it up, but I met the contractual requirements. And this was a story that was on the front page of your newspaper, I believe, three years ago. This is not a new story. This is political, and welcome to politics."

He's at least partially right: Here's an editorial from 2008.

He added later: "I think as you read the whole book, you can see what it’s like to run for office and to be in office. That’s the goal of the book, and to give some context to what committee chairman do, the process, and the political history of Florida."

-- Dave DeCamp, St. Petersburg Times


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Excuse me if I still don't see the scandal this is implying...

He was contracted to write a book, fulfilled that contract, and based on four excerpts, the award winning Florida capital press corps has decided it doesn't live up to their lofty standards. Typical drive-bye hit.


The award-winning Florida capital press corps that still can't be bothered to spell Mike's name right after eleven years. Yeah, I really want to hear publishing tips from them.


So wait, this has been news for over three years? There's a huge deficit in FL and Washington, huge unemployment and all the rest and y'all spend your time on a story that was used and done three years ago?


Exactly, patriot. They're so antsy to go after a Repub they'll recycle their own hit jobs to do it. I guess they're really that desperate to run out a slow news day.

Get Real

The above comments clearly demonstrate than licking the Tea Baggers' boots will get you a pass from them for ripping off the public. Mikey Hairilittledofuss is just another crook on the make that found out you can get away with anything if you are a Republican politician in Florida.

Give the $150K back!

Give back our TAXPAYER dollars!!!! How dare you rip us off like that! Your arrogance is beyond disgusting.

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