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Fla. House hopeful has ties to David Rivera

Rafael Perez, the former Marco Rubio aide we mentioned in an earlier post about candidates lining up to replace state Rep. Esteban Bovo, also has ties to U.S. Rep. David Rivera.

Perez was most recently in the news in our story last year about old attacks plaguing Rivera, a Republican former state representative and now congressman from Miami.

In his first Florida House run, Rivera was involved in a curious collision on the Palmetto Expressway with a truck carrying his opponent's attack ads. Rivera said the accident occurred as he was trying to retrieve a batch of his own mailers from the truck -- an account disputed by the mailing company's current owners.

Perez, a former Rivera campaign aide, told The Herald he picked up Rivera's mailers from the truck on the highway, but he could not recall any more details about the incident. Perez said the same thing Monday, after he announced his own House run.

"It wasn't that significant," he said of the incident. "I can't even remember what the mailer was about."

Perez said he was a volunteer -- "a peon" -- and did not think his involvement in the incident would be used against him in his upcoming race.

One other candidate has filed so far for Bovo's seat: Francisco J. Lago, chief of staff to Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño, an early supporter of Gov. Rick Scott.


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Kendall Voter

I am sure Ralph was peon and went along with any crazy idea that his psycho-pathic boss cooked up.

But now Ralph needs to tell the truth about what happened. They ran a truck carrying his opponents fliers off the road in the middle of rush hour. They actually crashed into the truck to stop it.

FYI the opponents fliers mentioned Ralph's boss' earlier trouble with domestic violence. If anyone is keeping score at home this lunatic is our congressman.


You guys are so desperate to sell papers that you publish trash like this. No wonder the Herald is losing so much money.

Jose Gomar

Jose Oliva, owner of Oliva Cigars and a lifetime resident of the district has also filed to run.

It is no doubt that his experience in running a successful large business, coupled with his education and strong ties to the community make Jose Oliva an excellent choice for state representative.

Hialeah Joe

If Rubio and Rivera come out strong for Ralph he will win in a landslide.

The truth

Well all I can say that in this economy an your local homegrown business man is expanding his company. H e definately knows what he is doing and helping the local economy . Who else cansay that???


Gente. Raul Martinez who controls this district wants Jose Oliva to run. This was already in the works for a while. I think it's obvious the lack of civic involvement or government experience Jose has when the campaign materials he's already sending out state examples,
"Title Sponsor to the Pinar del Rio Chapter of the Cuba Corps Project to educate Cuban children"
"Contributor to La Brigada"


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