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Marco Rubio on Good Morning America, sans hype

Marco Rubio on Good Morning America as part of his national rollout: the first interview not to focus on whether the newly elected senator will ditch Florida in favor of a presidential bid.

Instead, George Stephanopoulos asked him about President Obama saying he hasn't ruled out arming the rebels in Libya: "I think it was wise for the president not to take it off the table, to leave that open as an option," he said.

And then his opinion piece on why he won't vote to raise the debt ceiling as the administration has proposed -- or support another short term budget fix. "We need to show that we're serious," he said.

Only at the end did Rubio's presidential or vice presidential prospects come up and then in the context of Republicans having trouble wooing Hispanics -- making the Cuban-American Rubio a tempting choice.

"I'm not going to be the vice president in 2012," Rubio said. Course half the time he spoke, the ticker raised the possiblity of him as a vp candidate.


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Isn't there a tiny bit of arrogance displayed in thinking he is even a VP possibility before he has been even asked? That's like saying I am not going to a party I haven't even been invited to.

Florida Home

Marco Rubio's appearance on ABC's Nightline was pure fluff, and not worth the airtime. His appearance with Hannity on Fox was obviously staged for Rubio to trot out his same old and predictable sound-bites about Government expenses. Of course, there was nothing resembling a thoughtful discourse on exactly what the Senator would do. This is only about Rubio getting facetime with America.

Only on ABC's interview with George Stephanopoulos did Rubio reveal anything of interest....which was his subtle back-peddling on Libya. Only a few days ago he was super war hawk. He said it was "weak and naive" for Obama to seek support of the UN and NATO. He said the rebels only "yearn to usher in a new era of freedom." Rubio was ready to promptly send the US to war in support of the Libyan rebels "to show that we have the guts to support opposition groups." That's serious talk, and apparently Rubio must have felt confident in the rebels' agenda, and equally comfortable regarding a favorable outcome for the US to justify theinvestment of US money and military resources.

Now, he tells Stephanopoulos "we need to learn more about who the rebels are. If we engage with them, in terms of who they are and what they want, the likelihood of a positive outcome is higher." WHAT??? That's mighty soft talk from a war hawk. Does Rubio mean that he wanted to send the US to war, and he had no idea of who the rebels are? He was ready to put American lives on the line based on what ...a hunch? the "need to show we have guts?" There are a thousand consequences to implementing Rubio's war talk, but it appears he gave consideration to none of them.

Now watch as Rubio will back off the tough guy war talk, and subtly change his story as events progress, because he is way over his head. He will maneuver as needed to end up on the right side of history. He has no accountabilities for the Libyan operation anyway, so Obama will be left holding the bag if things do not work out well. The friendly press will let Rubio get away with it.

then there is that little issue about paying for Rubio's war in Libya ....but apparently that too is not Rubio's problem. Yep, that's Senator Rubio doing what he does best.

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