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Marco Rubio to fight EPA water regulations

The new Florida senator will try to fight controversial water pollution standards that critics contend could cost the state billions -- and environmentalists say could cut pollution.

Rubio's office forwarded a Buzz blog posting that says the Republican is planning to insert a measure in an upcoming budget resolution to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from carrying out the water standard rules.

The rules have already been postponed once: The EPA had planned to impose them last Oct. 15, but agreed to push them back to review a gush of public comments, Sen. Bill Nelson said at the time. Nelson had written EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson urging a postponement.

Nelson said at the time he supported tougher standards but was concerned by the potential costs and validity of the science.

The proposed rules, which would place strict numeric limits on nitrogen and phosphorus in Florida lakes, rivers and streams, have been opposed by a coalition of water management agencies, utilities, industry, business and farming groups. Environmentalists say they'd reduce the pollutants that foul Florida water bodies.


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David Philips

Interesting, Lets ask Marco or his friends if they would allow their children to swim in and or drink from the water in question?

Simply shameful, greed over well being.

I know, stay away from Florida.

Peggy arvanitas

Well, the EPA and the President have grown weary of non compliance from Florida. So they have given Florida officials the ability to deal with tgheir own water testing and pollution. This is because of the screams of big business and their friendly counterparts, the GOP officials of Florida .
Now that the EPA has cut their budget NATIONWIDE< it was LOST on Atty General bondi, Governor Scott and Ag Commish Putnam that the MONEY from the federalbudget just ceased to "trickle down" to Florida.
Well folks, maybe someone should ask the Florida DEP what money went to BART practice grants for businesses to pay for water pollution controls? Or the private companies (and jobs that were created with counties receiving funds) that are now lost.
Reminds me of that old real estate saying, "Dont trip over a dime to save a penny."
Do we have a negative count of federal money and the jobs they were creating?
Someone ask the new DEP czar...

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