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Mayoral candidate: Kill two proposed Miami-Dade charter changes

Is it time for a do-over on proposals to amend the Miami-Dade County charter?

On Sunday, County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez circulated a memo to fellow commissioners asking that a special meeting be called Tuesday to remove two of the six charter proposals that voters are set to consider in a May 24 election. For a special meeting to be called, seven commissioners must agree.

The two proposals that Gimenez, a candidate for county mayor, is seeking to take off the May 24 ballot: one that asks voters to end the strong mayor form of county government instituted in 2007 and one that asks voters to impose 12-year term limits on commissioners starting next year, coupled with pay increases and a ban on outside employment. On Thursday, when commissioners approved the proposals for a county-wide vote, Gimenez voted against both changes, instead favoring eight-year term limits.

Full story by Matthew Haggman and Martha Brannigan here.


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