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Obama raises money for Nelson, audience boos Jeb Bush reference

President Barack Obama told a crowd at a swank Miami Beach hotel that he's got a "sneaking suspicion" he'll be back in Miami this election cycle.

The White House pool report suggests his talk was a "departure from the fiery partisan rhetoric of the mid-term season. He defended Gov. Jeb Bush, as the audience booed his name.

"There are times when we’re among family, we’re among Democrats, where we want to talk about being Democrats," Obama said. "But today I want to talk to you a little about being a American, I want to talk about those things that bring us together as opposed to the things that drive us apart."

When Obama said that he'd just been with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the pool report notes, "the crowd booed and hissed."

But Obama said "Even though Gov Bush and I disagree on a range of issues we agree on the importance of education to America."

"It’s still possible for us to tackle tough problems in a constructive way. We don’t have to be calling each other names, it doesn’t have to be an ideological battle.

He defended his budget proposal, saying "I am willing to cut whatever spending we can afford, what I am not willing to do is to cut back on the basic investments that are going to allow us to win the future."



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Shame on the Democratic audience who booed when they heard Jeb's name. How classless. The president just reached across the aisle to cooperate and Jeb did the same.

Denny Wood

Charlie Crist was Florida's #1 ADA violator. The Capitol building is loaded with barriers for the blind and people in wheelchairs. He inherited these ADA Barriers from #2 ADA violator, Jeb Bush, who had no fear of the BUSH era DOJ/Civil Rights Division. The Obama DOJ/Civil Rights Division still perpetuates these barriers in our State Capitol Building. See www.dignity4disabled.com and the capitol report and lawsuit against the Capitol. Jeb Bush was a tyrant, vetoing important appropriations for the disabled. He left office with huge numbers of people on the waiting lists for the Department of Disabilities services and over 7 billion dollars in the state treasury. Good riddance to Bush and Crist, and Obama, thanks a lot for making Bush look better than he is. Denny Wood

Mark R. Johnson

Perhaps the upcoming 2012 cycle, or at the very least the 2016 cycle of presidential politics will see more appearances by Gov. Bush...against Obama in 2012, or against the Obama legacy in 2016. You must be able to civilly share the stage, as Jeb and the President demonstrated.


Typical reaction from the hateful Liberal elitists.

Fred Platt

To those individuals criticizing the Liberals for booing and hissing at the mention of Gov. Jeb Bush, get a life. Have you forgotten all the times that conservatives booed our President and other Democrats! So, to use your words "Typical reaction from the hateful Right elitists"

George Fuller

If you want amnesty then vote for Jeb if he runs for the senate. if he were elected there would be two amnesty votes between him and Rubio.

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