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Red State: 'Coiffed' Haridopolos should quit Senate race

One of the most influential voices in Republican media, Erick Erickson, displays on his site's front page a savage piece taking aim at Florida Senate President/U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos. From his hair to his job to his career in politics and his flip flops, Haridopolos is spared little.

A sample:

Mike Haridopolis is a creature of the inbred Tallahassee Republican Machine.  He represents the “The Getting Elected Trumps Principle” school of politics. For example, He was for High Speed rail before he was against it. (BTW Kudo’s to Governor Scott….So far He walks the talk)

This is the type of guy, who, if he makes it to the U.S. Senate will immediately embrace the inbred political Culture of Washington in order to advance his own political career in the Senate, while, at the same time (like a lot of Senators) start having delusions of grandeur and  think of winning the White House.  Remember…all he has really ever accomplished is run for the next highest political office.

We cannot afford to keep electing these creatures to run  OUR Government.  The stakes now are WAY too high.

Finally, there needs to be a law enacted that states that no Male should be allowed to run for the U.S Senate that has his hair “Styled” vice cut.  

The whole piece is here