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Rick Scott sued by Senators Joyner, Altman in Florida Supreme Court

Two Florida senators just sued Gov. Rick Scott in the Florida Supreme Court to stop him from killing a Tampa-Orlando bullet train.

Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, and Republican Thad Altman of Melbourne said Scott had over-stepped his authority by rejecting the project, which received a green light after a December 2009 special legislative session about passenger rail. The lawsuit would force Scott to accept about $2.4 billion in federal transit money for the high-speed rail plan.

Joyner said Scott’s decision two weeks ago to kill the rail project would cost the state jobs.

"Its all about jobs and getting Florida back to work," Joyner said, echoing Scott's campaign motto.

The suit wants the court to order Scott to "expeditiously accept" the federal money. It also suit seeks an injunction if necessary. Altman said they may need more time from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to ensure that Florida gets the money it was promised.

Details of the suit are sketchy at the moment because the court action was just filed. Altman and Joyner plan to have a press conference later today.

The lawsuit caps a mad two weeks of political posturing in which Scott unexpected declared he wouldn’t take the federal money because he worried the state would ultimately “be on the hook” for project cost over-runs and the cost of operating the train.

Senate President Mike Haridopolos, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate who voted for the rail legislation, belatedly joined Scott in condemning the federal spending for the bullet train.

Cheered on by tea-party conservatives, Scott also said he worried the state would have to pay back $2.4 billion in rail money to the feds.

Lahood had a simple reply to that statement from Florida’s governor: “It’s baloney.”


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thank you senators! Now lets show everyone how much of a crook Scott really is and get this project started.

Doctor Who

Go Scott - why would anyone stop in lakeland - who is getting greased on that one?.. Lakeland will slow the train down for no reason except for someone to get rich as part of the deal.

I see they expect it to handle 215 riders ( very low like 1-2 planes full) so what will security cost? They say about 65 bucks pensocola to Miami - so tampa to orlando will be ???. Security ( like airport security and also keeping the undesirables from hanging around) , labor, support, maintenance and more will cost how much? will people be taking luggage with them?

Do the Math the thing does not work and cover it's costs unless tickets are highly priced. some people get very wealthy along the way on the government.

Also will people pay to park?

Doctor Who

You don't accept a losing proposition to create jobs now that cost the state later.

That is what california has done for years and it's called a PONZI scheme.

Eventually it all comes down or someone has to pay to keep it going.

The government is also not putting up the full ante, In CA they estimated 20 billion and now they say the cost will be 50-80 billion. CA has not figured in the whackjob environmentalists who will double that amount easily to protect something stupid.


Neither Tampa nor Orlando have any decent muncipal or county public transportation. Orlando is toll road heaven or the other place, depending on how you look at it, and Tampa is, well, "its Tampa"! By the time you get to the train station, buy a ticket, go through security, board the train, get to your destination, and find transportation on the other end, you could be in either city on I-4 and have your car to take you where you need or want to go.

Missing Lawton Chiles

Hello...FL high speed rail isn't about current commuter conditions...it is about preparing for the future and about facilitating tourism to central Florida, Orlando in particular...which feeds the State economy HEAVILY. If Disney and the Tampa and Orlando airports are willing to help investment in an effort that will bring jobs and tourism dollars...go for it. I bet there was some short-sighted person objecting to the Subway in NY and Metro in DC back in the day too...we need visionaries and risk takers to grow, not negative nellies. The Tea Party wants to see government fail so they can prance around with "I told you so" so you can fear mongering and subersive techniques to be their favorite tools.

Frank Lubinskas

The way our state and federal governments got into the fiscal messes we see thropughout the country is becasue of foolish, greedy, and senseless politicians (most likely being greased by some special interests) did a lot of things currently by borrowing against our futures! This is the same thing. Sure opening up construction will probably create a large number of UNION jobs that will go away when the project is done. (Note that I said "UNION"). Then at the very least every taxpayer in Florida will have to subsidize a losing venture for the rest of their lives.

This is the solution in a nutshell: "If this is such a great financial boom for Florida let private enterprise take the risk to do it. If they can build it with Federal money and make a profit running it without hurting the Florida tazpayer- GOOD FOR THEM! Anyone can plainly see this is just our liberal politicians trying hard to payback the "Union government" for getting them elected and keeping them in office!

Doctor Who

Business people use P/L statements
Idiots and Politicians use whatever gets votes

The train is slated to carry 215 people? that is not modern high speed anything? 2 planes or a few busses do that. Of so we can shuffle 215 people to orlando slower than they can drive there by the time you add in parking, security, stops and more and it will cost more that driving too..

Not a bad gig billions to shuffle a few hundred people back and forth.

Lakeland - What a joke who gets greased there.

You want a train with 1000 passengers, tampa, orlando , MIAMI NON STOP - that may work .

you can drive to lakeland quickly so no reason to spend the money to have a stop there.


Rick Scott Has Ba--- Dems Jeb Bush LOSER CHARLIE have turned Florida into a Sanctuary State for Criminals 700.000 of them currently feasting off legal citizen taxpayers money. HSR DEM DREAM OF DELUSIONS.


These Senators need to be recalled, if Florida does recalls.

If Obama was going to provide $2.4 billion to build stagecoaches and horse trails, which would create jobs, should they be built? Who thinks it's a good idea to throw money at something pointless? That's what this whole high-speed rail is, pointless.


Having lived in just about every major city in the U.S. and abroad, I was quite shocked to discover Florida had no rail system. Not everyone is used to driving 3+ hrs just to get to another city. If Florida wants to flourish...it NEEDS a way for its commuters to get around! Tourism is its life blood. Who wants to waste all that gas money on a rented car just so they can explore Florida? The thought of having to drive from Miami to Orlando doesn't appeal to me so I doubt it would appeal to tourists. Florida has real potential. Let's go forward, please. Thank you, Senators.


Let Taggart Transcontinental handle it! Dagny will take care of evertyhing. I mean, she made the John Galt Line in record time!


High speed rail is the future of this country. I am a conservative but the real deal is getting jobs on board. People make money, people spend money. To the union statement, I believe Florida is not a union state..

D Cracker

Well let's see.... we have Tri-Rail which loses us millions a year, we have the Jacksonville Skyway which loses us millions a year. Why are they still operating? Because the federal money would have to be paid back if they were not finished or were closed down. Just like Gov. Scott said, cost overruns and losing operations WILL continue to saddle the taxpayer for years to come. We can't afford more of the same "help" from Barry O and the Feds.

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