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Rick Scott fields questions during Facebook townhall

Building on the success of a Twitter townhall meeting that Gov. Rick Scott hosted in January, the governor turned his attention to Facebook on Tuesday night, hosting a Facebook townhall.

Throughout the day, hundreds of questions came into the Governor. Within 12 minutes of posting a status update that read "Welcome to the Facebook Townhall" at around 7:15 p.m., 83 comments had been posted. Many of those, though, were complaining that they were seeing no responses to their questions. Technical difficultes caused the problem.

"Twitter is much easier," the governor noted as he and his staff worked to resolve the issue.

After about 15 minutes, the matter was worked out, and Scott typed in answers to about a dozen questions on such topics as SunRail, property insurance, property taxes and the state pension.  His responses made no news, sticking largely to the governor's talking points. He avoided questions like: "Why won't you help shut down the Oxy Express running through our state with a pill mill database? Do you have buddies who run pill mills?" and "How do you sleep at night?" 

Scott has more than 61,000 Facebook followers. After the townhall, he said social media like Twitter and Facebook give him the opportunity to reach out to people he might not otherwise make contact with. And he said he's not phased by the negative comments.

"It's part of America. You've got people who agree with you and people who disagere with you. That's the great thing about living here. I wouldn't want to live in any other country," he said.

You can view the questions, answers and sometimes highly critical comments on Rick Scott's Facebook page.