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Rick Scott jobs estimate from Panama trade deal is a little flimsy, PolitiFact Florida finds

Gov. Rick Scott is back from Panama and urging President Barack Obama to submit a free trade agreement with the Latin American country to Congress for its ratification. Scott says the trade deal could create 15,000 jobs for Florida over five years. "After meeting with Panamanian trade leaders, I am convinced more than ever that free trade agreements with Panama and other Latin American countries are essential to Florida's future. Florida has an important stake in ratification of trade agreements with both Panama and Colombia – agreements that have been waiting for congressional ratification since 2007." PolitiFact Florida looks into Scott's numbers and and isn't quite as impressed.


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Get Real

Flimsy is right. If the trade deal has Scott's pawprints on it the more likely outcome is the loss of 15,000 jobs in Florida but with million$$ in profits for corporations. The people of Florida will be taxed to pay for the needed infrastructure to expand Panama related trade but will gain very few benefits. Only the Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries will swallow Scott's self-serving claims about job growth.


What about all the jobs that will be lost in America to the importing of more goods shipped to America from Overseas in the Panamax ships?

Jobs in delhi

I believe that Obama should take more action & put more pressure on the corporates to not outsource work in Asia.

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