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Supreme Court sides with Rick Scott on high speed rail; LaHood is sending money to other states

The Supreme Court today rejected a plea by two state Senators to force Gov. Rick Scott to move forward with high speed rail. In a terse, one-page ruling, justices said that with limited information  the "petitions have not clearly demonstrated entitlement" to their request. U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced he will give the money to other states.

Thad Altman, a Republican from Melbourne, and Arthenia Joyner a Democrat from Tampa, filed the suit Tuesday, claiming Scott overstepped his executive authority by killing the project after the legislature had approved it and appropriated money for it.


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A very poor oral argument given by the petitioners' attorney.

Score 1 for the ding bat. Hopefully this emboldens him and his crew to continue to wreck more havoc on Florida - maybe this will motivate those who stayed home, didn't vote last time.


maybe it was the right decision to kill this boon-doogle esp. in a state and country that is drowning in debt.

He did put $77 million into the Port of Miami...but no credit there I guess.


I think the high speed train should be designed in segments to run from the west coast to the east coast thru the southern states with one segment at a time being implemented to control cost and implement improvements and adjustment as we progress. With the money the Bush Administration spent on the 10 year war and the Stock Market and Bank debacle along with OPEC Cartel trying to aid Osama bin Laden in breaking America financially, we are all looking at inflating ahead that could compromise any of our plans. In the future if profits excessively control the minds of Businesses, National and International, we could be looking at wage and price controls extending even to our international friends. Working class people should be allowed enough incomes to keep all economies moving forward with money circulation to reduce crime, empty the jails, slow growth of charity bring peace and harmony to the unrest in other countries. Rick Scott may even agree to accept a part of it for northern Florida.

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