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Thrasher's 'paycheck protection' bill moved to be heard by his committee

Senate President Mike Haridopolos notes, almost every time he talks to the media, that all bills hitting the Senate floor will go through three committees to show the openness of the Senate process. But that can make for some tricky maneuvering in getting controversial bills to the Senate floor. Take SB 830, Sen. John Thrasher's 'paycheck protection' bill. The bill squeaked through Community Affairs 5-4 with hearings still to go in Budget and Government Oversight and Accountability.

Getting through the Government Oversight and Accountability Committee -- with Republicans like Jim Norman (who already voted against the bill), Mike Fasano and Jack Latvala -- might have been even more difficult.

Luckily for Thrasher, the bill isn't going there anymore. It's third committee is now Rules. Who chairs that committee again? That'd be Thrasher.


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Sounds like the Gnome (Haridopolos for those of you outside TLH) knows this thing is in SERIOUS trouble and is deathly afraid of losing to the evil unions on this. Or is it perhaps that the unions aren't so bad after all? One has to wonder.

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