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Allen West: House leadership shares blame in getting us to this point

The tea party-backed Republican says he voted, grudgingly, for a (Senate-opposed) one week fix to the budget impasse (which President Obama has already threatened to veto) but says  the "Republican Party must now share in the blame of how we have arrived at this point."

(West earlier had said he wouldn't vote for another short term fix)

Course, he's a lot harder on Democrats, saying that "even with these enormous majorities," Democrats failed to pass a budget or any of the Appropriations bills."

But he adds, "the Republican Leadership is approaching 100 days since taking the Majority and is now playing a game of high stakes poker with the funding for the Federal Government. The House Majority has now placed the funding for the Department of Defense and the funding for the troops down as a bargaining chip."


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Allen West loves to blame others. Does he have any ideas? Any at all? Lucky he had a HUGEEEEEEE Republican wave to sweep him into office.

Ralph Easley

He is doing what we elected him to do. We wanted a Congressman that would stand on principal and hold other Republicans accountable.

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