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America's mayors fight back, denounce "recall fever"

Efforts to take out elected officials in the the middle of their terms has so alarmed the U.S. Conference of Mayors that it's launching a public awareness initiative, complete with a documentary: Recall Fever: Stop The Madness.

The mayors will release the documentary on local recall efforts next week in DC and the mayors of Akron, OH, Chattanooga, TN and Omaha, NE -- who have faced and survived recalls -- will talk about what the group calls "one of the most volatile issues facing public officials at all levels."

"Efforts to recall mayors are on the rise," said Conference of Mayors CEO and executive director Tom Cochran. He said the group developed the documentary to "not only educate our mayors on what is happening..and what they need to know about their local recall statutes, but also to help educate the general public about the economic and political costs of recall elections."

The largest recall of a politician in U.S. history occured last month when 9 out of 10 voters in Miami-Dade agreed to boot Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Commissioner Natacha Seijas was similarly removed.


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Tired of It

Naked Politics is not so naked.

I have signed in and posted my comments about arresting arresting politicians instead of recalling them and the post will not stick. why?

Which politician are you guarding?

Tired of It

Prosecution is cheaper than recalling and we keep the pension.

When 2 or more are involved, we apply the RICO Act,
didn't I here that Alverez was splitting the loot with 200 co-conspirators ?

How many did Seijas have ?

Vote real people

Tired of It

Many of us think that those in public office who abuse their voters should go to jail.

Why not? If I work for company X and I enter company X into a contract where I pay you (my co-conspirator)

A lot more for a product, then any for profit company would ever agree to, you and I have enbezzeled money from company X.

To tax your taxpayers 132 million dollars to be handed out to 200 of your cronies, is more than wrong it is criminal.

The voters of Miami Dade are Heroes and as the article points out, other communities are following our lead.

Let's not stop, let's keep cleaning house.

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