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Budget deal: 18 counties to be privatized, interior designers (only?) de-regged

The House Senate afternoon budget committee ended with another accord: The House agreed with the Senate position to privatize prisons in an 18-county region from Miami-Dade to Manatee counties. About 3,000 jobs are at stake, though legislators say the prison guards can move from the public to the private system. Either way, its a big win for the Geo Group and Corrections Corp. of America.

The de-regulation talks are over and it looks like commercial interior designers will be the only industries to be de-regulated. Sports agents, talent agents, dance studios and gyms will remain regulated.


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American Citizen

There are a lot more than 3000 jobs at stake. Additionally Correctional Officers will lose their retirements, seniority, benefits and pay. Geo will only pay 1/2 the salary the officers are making now which will place these officers on the welfare lines. Yes I said GEO. GEO has already BOUGHT the heart of Rick Scott. Great way to create 700,000 jobs Tricky Rick!!!! The sorry Senators in S. Florida that did not do anything to save the jobs of their constituents need to be axed. Remember this come election time.

District 77 Voter

I thought that having your Representative as
Budget chair was supposed to be a good thing. Not for the people of Hendry and Glades- Denise Grimsley has apparently agreed to privatize the prisons there- all those employees in this economically depressed area are getting hosed. With "friends" like this, who needs enemies?


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