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Florida House honors Bay of Pigs veterans

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Miami Republican Rep. Jose Felix Diaz presented a resolution on the floor of the Florida House Thursday designating April 17, 2011, "Bay of Pigs Memorial Day."

Diaz, surrounded by members of the Miami-Dade delegation, spoke of his family ties to Cuba.

"The valor and bravery of these men will never be forgotten," he said. He ended his presentation with, "God bless America and viva Cuba libre."

Diaz got a resounding round of applause. The resolution passed with a voice vote -- and then all 118 members present in the House at the time co-sponsored the resolution.


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George Fuller

Go back and check you will see almost every year there is a tribute to the bay of Pigs Invasion in the Florida Legislature.......


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