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FPL's solar power plan gets new life

In a last ditch attempt to revive legislation that would let them control the market for solar power development in the state, Florida Power & Light has proposed a compromise that would allow state regulators to determine if they are entitled to raise rates to pay the costs of renewable energy plants.

The amendment to the measure, which zipped through House and Senate committees, is intended to win the approval of Gov. Rick Scott, said Rep. Clay Ford, the chairman of the House Energy and Utilities Subcommittee.

The governor balked at provisions in the bill that now allow FPL – and any other investor-owned utility that wants to develop renewable energy – to automatically raise rates by 2 percent a year, said Ford, a Gulf Breeze Republican. A tea party group had complained about the plan.

“It was on life support,’’ Ford told the Herald/Times. By drafting a rewrite to give approval for the rate increases to the Public Service Commission, “it’s got a fresh life to it now,’’ he said.

Ford said FPL sought the bill and is willing to make the investment needed to expand its solar energy generation, as long as it can get reimbursed from customers. The bill would allow FPL to hold a competitive advantage over other companies trying to get into Florida’s potentially lucrative renewable energy market. More here.



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The Republican led efforts to prevent more affordable solar has nearly succeeded. All that's required now is to sign the deal and we're all prevented from using any solar not under the control of our monopoly FPL.

This is not stupid, it's FELONY STUPID! If a hurricane hits FPL's central solar plants, there goes solar. IF HOWEVER, homeowners had rooftop solar, only those homes and businesses destroyed would be without solar power.

QUESTION: Who added more electricity to our national power grid the last five years? ANSWER: US Homeowners with rooftop solar outperformed all US power plants combined in adding more power to the grid. FACT!

So why would FPL try to keep solar away from homeowners? Duh! PROFITS! MONOPOLY PROFITS!

This state sucks with Rick Scott in charge.


Yep. A hurricane would never rip a solar panel off a rooftop, genuis.

You want a solar panel on your roof, then buy it yourself. Whats stopping you. Its the free market. But dont make me subsidize you.


As of now, solar power and solar related devices are expensive. But it may be reduced if most of the people start using it.

FL Roofing Contractor

Solar power can absolutely be a boon to the country, but we need to find a way to work together to implement it fairly.

E Bowman

The time has come. "Get it Done."

E Bowman

Buy it yourself but don't make me subsidize you so says Mucusmembtane.Sure like the Federal Government doesn't subsidize big oil. Wake up.

E Bowman

Germany and Japan are doing away with nuclear powere plants. Once again these great Countries will lead the way by going solar.

Sean Carter

I think putting a more concentrated effort into solar is a good idea. The technology is ever improving and once it becomes more cost effective than the means we have now it's popularity will skyrocket. I recently had a solar system installation put into my home and it really has been a fantastic experience!

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