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Gov. Scott remains confident on tax cuts

That tax cut number keeps getting smaller and smaller for Gov. Rick Scott.

From the campaign trail he promised as much as $2.2 billion in tax cuts his first year. He reduced that to $1.7 billion before the start of session.

Now, it looks like lawmakers won't have any more than $30 million.

"The positive is the process has started," Scott said about an agreement this morning between the House and Senate. That starting point, however, includes just $30 million for tax cuts and economic development.

"I'm confident that the right thing will happen," Scott said, "that we're going to reduce the size of government, the cost of government and we're going to make sure that we get money back into taxpayers hands through tax reductions."


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So tired of this same old song and dance from this Governor. He wants to take from the working and middle class and give tax breaks to his rich friends. We got it. But use those big ears you got and listen to the people, you are heading in the wrong direction. The people want the rich to be taxed. The gig is over, no one believes in trickle down economics any more. We all know its crap - so stop trying to sell it.

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