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Impeach Rick Scott? Not likely, but website wants to get idea rolling

Impeach Gov. Rick Scott?
Several hundred Floridians have signed an online petition calling for the governor's impeachment after only three months in office. A petition letter on the social networking site www.change.org cites Scott's rejection of federal rail money, his  opposition to seeking federal approval of two voter-approved fair-redistricting measures and support for drug-testing welfare recipients. "It is time to investigate and impeach this self-promoting man. Florida can do better!" the petition states. 
Not likely. Only the state House has the power to impeach a governor -- by a two-thirds vote -- and more than two-thirds of the House members are Republicans like Scott. If he were impeached, he would be tried by the Senate, where 28 of 40 members are Republicans.
"Absolutely not," said Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, when asked if Scott deserved to be thrown out of office. He had received at least 67 petition letters as of Monday, and Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, also received dozens. "It's silly," Fasano said. "I totally disagree with that."

Scott's spokesman, Brian Burgess, did not respond to a request for comment Monday. 


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That is too bad Rick Scott deserves to be thrownout more then Alvarez did!

abby d

2200 have signed the petition. sign at :


Rob Mullin

I signed both the change.org and thepetitionsite.com impeachment calls. It is imperative that the citizens of Florida, who overwhelmingly dislike Scott's actions, take action. Too many people did not go out and vote in 2010 to represent their interests and are now suffering the surrealistic governance of Rick Scott.

Helen & Dan Thomas

We knew when Rick Scott announced he was running that we were in BIG trouble. We need to do something to stop this crook from completly destroying the State of Florida


The only reason you want to "throw him out" is because he wants to limit government spending...you all need to wake up and realize the well is running dry and the politican that tries to correct the course and cut back on your gains is the one that folks want to impeach....please educate yourselves on all issues not those that just pertain to you!!!!


No offense but Ill stick with truth...


This is a real governor Amen!!!

james ricketson

No you people need to wake up you do not spend 70m of your own money for a job that pays 100grand a year without your own agenda at hand.Kind of like makeing everyone on medicare go through an HMO through his company Solantic and all the state and county workers have to go though his company as well for drug screening.

kim bohannon

The well is running dry because Republicans are draining it. Wake up idiot radio listening Republicans Fools, you have been suckered. Stop hating the real American working man and stand up for what is right for a change.


I guess it is time to realize that America is doomed to become a police state! A new North Korea.


Rick Scott is scum : http://fl.aclu.org/site/PageNavigator/FL_SimonCNN0605.html

Randal Saylor

Scott needs to be inpeached.

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