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Town Hall turns "hostile" in Florida

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida Republican Rep. Dan Webster's town hall meeting today "degenerated into bedlam" with members of the crowd shouting down the freshman lawmaker and yelling at each other.

WFTV in Orlando reports that Webster "faced repeated heckling, boos and shouting matches between supporters and opponents during a town hall meeting in Orlando."

The scenes are reminiscent of the anger voters expressed in 2009 over health care reform at town hall meetings held by Democrats.

This time, though, GOP'ers appear to be on the hot seat for backing a House Republican plan that would restructure Medicare. Democrats have seized the issue as a wedge issue for 2012: they last week went up with ads, assailing Republicans for voting for the measure, which they say would kill Medicare. Republican groups shot back with their own ads.

Among those targeted: Rep. Allen West, who is among 10 Republicans singled out by the House Majority PAC. Its running 60 second radio spots in targeted districts.


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Please, if you are going to print the story, tell all the facts:

Moveon.org and the Unions have been advertising their campaign for weeks to disrupt Town Hall meetings to "Pay Back" against the Tea Party.

It would have taken 30 seconds of research.

Dewyne Douglass

About time the republican party get some of the heat over this issue of medicare because the hah gotten elected by the med. insurance co. money . They could care less if medcare helps people becauase they are bought and paid for by the health insurance companys.


Privatized Medicare (Medicare Avantage) already costs taxpayers thousands more in subsidies versus regular Medicare. How is that Republican plan helping the deficit?

The absurd voucher system proposed by the Repubs to buy a private plan that already costs far more than regular Medicare will only raise the cost of health care and exclude many seniors from having health care.

Proposal: Allow every American to buy into the regular Medicare health care plan and that in itself would help reign in costs, bolster the plan and exclude the profiteering private plans that add 30-40% to health costs.

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