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Moreno Poll: Gimenez rising, Robaina falling in Miami-Dade mayor's race

Folks in Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez camp are gloating over a new talking-points survey (which they commissioned) that shows he's gaining ground on Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina in the race for Miami-Dade mayor. But the poll doesn't note that there are 8 candidates in the race (not 2). And they haven't released the cross tabs for the Dario Moreno survey, but here's the power-point they're using to drum up some funds: Download Mayorrace

The document shows Robaina's favorability ratings are falling as Gimenez's rise. It also indicates the campaign is message testing and is likely to whack Robaina over property taxes, "investigations," and his salary.

A few results:

  Robaina Gimenez Undecided
Overall 26% 20% 54%
Hispanics 41% 18% 40%
Anglos 12% 25% 64%
Blacks 5% 17% 78%
Latins 60+ 44% 20% 36%
Latinos60- 34% 16% 50%
Hispanic GOP 46% 17% 27%
Hispanic Dems 30% 27% 43%
Hispanic NPA 35% 17% 48%
Anglo GOP 16% 34% 50%
Anglo Dems 10% 21% 69%
Anglo NPA 12% 12% 76%