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Moreno Poll: Gimenez rising, Robaina falling in Miami-Dade mayor's race

Folks in Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez camp are gloating over a new talking-points survey (which they commissioned) that shows he's gaining ground on Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina in the race for Miami-Dade mayor. But the poll doesn't note that there are 8 candidates in the race (not 2). And they haven't released the cross tabs for the Dario Moreno survey, but here's the power-point they're using to drum up some funds: Download Mayorrace

The document shows Robaina's favorability ratings are falling as Gimenez's rise. It also indicates the campaign is message testing and is likely to whack Robaina over property taxes, "investigations," and his salary.

A few results:

  Robaina Gimenez Undecided
Overall 26% 20% 54%
Hispanics 41% 18% 40%
Anglos 12% 25% 64%
Blacks 5% 17% 78%
Latins 60+ 44% 20% 36%
Latinos60- 34% 16% 50%
Hispanic GOP 46% 17% 27%
Hispanic Dems 30% 27% 43%
Hispanic NPA 35% 17% 48%
Anglo GOP 16% 34% 50%
Anglo Dems 10% 21% 69%
Anglo NPA 12% 12% 76%




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not robaina

Robaina is a crook. Does it make any sense that we recall a Mayor who was not a crook and replace him with a guy who has a proven track record of mismanagement.

reform now

It is time for real reform in County Government. Julio Robaina tried to get rid of term limits in his own town, he will do the same if ever elected Mayor. He doesn't believe in reform, he is exactly why we need reform.

Papi Chulo

Is this written by a journalist? Eleven, not eight, candidates have qualified for this race. This survey is clearly flawed in that those "undecided" probably have chosen other candidates. I do believe however the down trend for both candidates is correct and Llorente and Cancio are taking votes from both. Luke Campbell is the favorite amongst blacks and those under 25 (who normally forget to go out and vote). The race will be a lot closer than expected.


This "poll" is worthless. I personally know 2 people who were called. Both stated unequivocally that they were voting for other candidates. The "pollsters" insisted (over and over) that they select only between Robaina and Gimenez. Then they proceeded to bash Robaina. I can't believe this thing made it to a blog. What a joke.


I actually think this is terrible for Gimenez. He captures 20% of the vote when other viable candidates are not mentioned. That means his actual numbers are around 10%-15%. Very poor showing for both Gimenez and Robaina.



Gimenez/Moreno-Give me a break!

This is the most ridiculous poll I have ever seen. Gimenz's own in house pollster does a poll that shows he is gaining. This cannot be a credible article to write about, even for the Miami Herald.

I believe an independent out of state pollster should be commissioned to provide our community with real numbers, not a campaigns staffer providing us with this hogwash. Give me a break!!!

How is this: a. a story and b. to be taken seriously.

"Gimenez... that's why your losing and the only ones blogging across town are your own paid bloggers. Should have stayed as a County Commissioner, at least you would have been a thorn to whomever was elected Mayor!

You make a better a Commissioner than County Mayor!!!


Agreed with comment above. What kind of poll doesn't list the results for all other candidates...Why do people ignore some of these candidates?


Perhaps the poll stinks because the pollster is an addled hack.


HOLA, Miami-Dade HIALEAH, it has come to my attention, although I have no evidence to unequivically prove, that the revised campaign strategy put in place for Hialeah Mayor Julio ROBAINA includes keeping away from public forums including debates. The new strategy will consist of "minimizing the environment" that ROBAINA cannot control, and "maximizing opportunities" for favorable results. The emphasis will be on targeted political advertisement. I cannot say with certainty that future public forums or debates will continue to be ignored, but I have been informed that every effort will be made to reduce ROBAINA'S exposure to Q & A, or, as someone told me, " neutralize the negative with a one way ticket to reform." According to a very high placed operative in the Hialeah Mayor Julio ROBAINA campaign, " the campaign is not a race against Gimenez, it's a campaign agains time." They said, " ROBAINA has the money, the problem is there remains too much time." They want an election tomorrow but, since they know they will not get it, they developed a strategy to limit access to ROBAINA, unless favorably choreographed.


How can this poll be taken seriously? What a joke. The Herald is a joke! The Gimenez camp must think voters are stupid. I voted for him as Miami comish but will not vote for him in this election. I agree he should've remained as comish to keep the new Mayor in check. Now he lost his comish seat and is close to losing all his political capital. Someone gave him very bad advice. It will cost him dearly. Too bad....


Robaina is costing the City of Hialeah thousands of dollars a day by not following the ruling to return the City OF Hialeah firefighters to work as he was ordered to do. Robaina 's pledge to do the right thing is untrue. A leader of any value needs to admit when he is wrong. Robaina will not save the county (MIAMI DADE) money. His decision to fire senior fire fighters for the City of Hialeah has cost the city over a million dollars. (he has been ordered to pay them back pay) His numbers of savings to the city were false. He was trying to show an untruth. Ethics and morals are what we need to govern the citizens of Miami Dade County. The facts will always show the truth.


Mayor Robaina has not been true to the Citizens of Hialeah. He is collecting a salary while campaining for Miami Dade mayor at the Citizens of Hialeah's expense. Does this sound like a mayor who is ethical and wants to earn his salary. I believe this is a true indication of how he will spend Miami Dade's money. Actions speak louder than words.

El honesto

Mr Braman how do you feel about the return on your investment. You spent millions to oust a mayor who did nothing illegal however hurt the taxpayers. Now your millions have places Mr Robaina an investigated "victim" who is a crook. He even has a councilwoman mrs Garcia outlaws of polling sites asking voters to vote for Robaina, Lago, and Bovo. How the dirty washes the dirt. How can the Anglo and African community stand by and let a known unethical illegal and down right pig lead the mayoral polls. As a Cuban I am disgusted that
My community and peers would let a man who throws his wife under a buss instead of accepting responsibility for his loan sharking. He said he and his wife were victims. Well if we elect Robaina there will be 3 million victims


Mayor Robaina is not fit to be the Mayor of Miami Dade County. He is unethical and has very low morals. He has done a very poor job as Mayor of Hialeah. Check how he has handled Hialeah budget. The strong mayor form of government in Hialeah has failed with Mr Robaina in charge. I am sure once he is gone the truth will be told in Hialeah.

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