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PP poll: "No early GOP favorite for president or Senate in Florida"

The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling finds the GOP prez primary in Florida "completely up in the air.

"There's a three way tie at the top with 18 percent of primary voters listing Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Newt Gingrich as their first choice for President. Sarah Palin gets 15 percent, followed by Michele Bachmann at 7 percent, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty at 6 percent and Haley Barbour at 3 percent.

For Senate: "Florida Republicans really have no clue who any of their potential Senate candidates are at this point...Mike Haridopolos 'leads' the way in name recognition with 32 percent of voters expressing an opinion about him- 16 percent positive and 16 percent negative. George LeMieux's second with 26 percent of voters able to rate him- 15 percent favorable and 11 percent unfavorable. Adam Hasner only has 15 percent of GOP primary voters who can take a stand on him and they break down 5 percent positive and 10 percent negative.

"The bottom line on the Republican field at this point appears to be LeMieux and Haridopolos basically as co-favorites with Hasner a step behind- but more than anything else it's wide open and there's plenty of room for someone else to come in and win the nomination."


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looking forward to the race. can't wait to see how the 'Charlie Crist Republican' tries to reinvent history.


I wonder if the book deal helped get little Mikeys name up a little

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