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Allen West: "An exercise in fundraising"

The Sunlight Foundation highlights an interesting fundraiser for Broward Republican Rep. Allen West -- a run for campaign cash.

The site notes West's May 5 event "promises to start out like any other with an hour-long reception at the Capitol Hill Club, but after that the former Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army will be rallying his troops for a four mile run across the National Mall.

"All attendees of the event will receive a reception ticket and a runner ticket in exchange for making a donation. Those who give a generous gift of $2,500 will snag four reception and race tickets and earn the coveted 'Ironman' moniker. From there, as the contribution levels fall, so go the prestige of the titles. For a donation of $1,500, an attendee becomes a 'Marathoner'; for $1,000 a 'Jogger'; and at $500 attendees stop being human and become 'Treadmill."


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allen west is another one of these republican mccarthyistic type politicians we do not need nor do we want in office,his agenda is like the rest of the mccarthyistic republicans,take from the eldery,the disabled,the children,the poor and what is left of the working class and give to the rich,they want 4.4 trillion in budgets cuts and then turn around in the same breath and give 4.3 trillion in tax cuts to the rich,that is so rediculous it is sickening,vote the republicans out of office all of them.


I was a republican years ago when Reagon was around,these republicans that we have now are not republicans they are thiefs and liars,they steel from the mouths of the,elderly,the disabled,the children and the poor to feed the rich,That is not what we need now or ever.

Ralph Easley

I doubt that Freddy ever was a Republican. He has no understanding of the GOP budget proposal and he will never understand a man like Congressman, LtCol West. GoWest - Steadfast & Loyal


Steadfast at being a tool, loyal to the rich white corporate interests.

Joseph L Cooke

It's men like Col. West who will lead the crusade to crush the liberal influence in the US.

Liberals are the problem. 2012. Solve the problem.


For those of you who think that Allen West is "just another politician," think again. Congressman West recently criticized his own party leaders related to the recent 2011 budget deal: "Character and integrity are important things with me. I like people to be upfront with me. Surprises are for birthdays."

Congressman West speaks his mind and is clear in his mission. His message is resonating with all Americans, who are opening their minds as well as their wallets. Currently 99% of contributions to Congressman West came from individual donors.

See West firsthand, watch his videos, read about his positions. Congressman West is the real deal.

5 Point Capitol

Really I feel glad to read this..I am waiting for this type of post from such a long time...Thanks for posting..I like this type of blog...


Congressman West stands clearly apart from the RINOs in the House. He is one of a handful who understands we must take serious steps even just to HALT the runaway deficit, let alone reduce it. We have a challenging road ahead. Good to be ready both mentally and physically!

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