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Rep. Randolph: "I should be commended" for tussle with Rep. Campbell

Rep. Scott Randolph wants everyone to know two things: He didn't really "throw" papers at Rep. Daphne Campbell for her comments in favor of an abortion bill. And he doesn't feel bad about saying he wants to ensure his fellow Democrat is never re-elected. (Background here)

Campbell, Randolph said, has done nothing but annoy him and fellow Democrats for much of the entire session. But when she started quoting the Bible in favor of a Republican abortion bill, Randolph had had enough.

"You are a traitor!" he told her when she sat down next to him at their assigned House seats in the back of the chamber.

But where she says he "threw" paper at her, Randolph said he was just cleaning his desk, which she often cluttered with her personal items.

"I pushed the papers back from my desk that she has put on my desk for 50 days of session. There's not an inch of my desk open. Two-thirds of it is covered with her stuff," he said. "So I picked up the stuff, and put her pen and a styrofoam cup of ice in the trash can."

Randolph said she's rubbing fellow representatives the wrong way. Even Republicans have taken their shots, with Rep. Matt Gaetz' yesterday tweeting that there are few "nuttier" people in the House.

But Randolph said Campbell is burning through staffers who don't want to work for her. And, like them, he has had enough.

"I should be commended, by the way," he said. "She has done nothing but annoy and estrange people."


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Behind you 100% Rep. Randolph.

Any democrat voting to restrict woman's right to choose, limit voting rights - as the twit Rep. Campbell is - should be voted out - as soon as possible.


Thank you, crazy Scott Randolph. You are lifing proof of the hypocrisy of liberals who preach tolerance and love. You are hateful and a liar on top.

Fund our public schools properly

And Jellyman needs to learn to spell.


Its not uncommon that Jamaicans are social conservatives, and she is originally from Jamaica. As a matter of fact, go into most black churches today and you will hear lots of talk about how abortion is a sin and homosexuality is a sin.

Randolph needs to be careful here. Not everyone in the black community agrees with him, and the other members that voted for abortion.

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