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Rep. Scott Randolph threatens Rep. Campbell, trashes her pen after abortion comments

Democratic Rep. Scott Randolph was so upset with colleague Daphne Campbell for backing a GOP abortion bill that he told her he’d get an opponent to unseat her in two years.

 Randolph also flung some of her papers at her and threw her pen in the trash, according to Campbell and other lawmakers who witnessed the outburst. They said Campbell, D-Miami, threw some items back at him.

“You are a traitor,” Randolph reportedly said. “I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.”

Campbell’s retort: “You have no right. God put me here.”

Hours later, by coincidence, Miami resident Matthew Tisdol, 27, announced he would run against Campbell. Tisdol said he hadn’t talked to Randolph.

The Democrats leader, Ron Saunders, said he saw the incident and urged Randolph and Campbell to calm down.

“They were flinging things at each other and I said, ‘Hey, guys, this isn’t high school.’ You need to stop.”

Saunders said he retrieved Campbell’s wooden pen from the trash can and gave it back to her.

“It was on Scott’s desk, so he threw it away,” Saunders said.

Campbell had a rough day in the Florida House. In the morning, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted that she was crazy.

 "My bill sponsor is Daphne Campbell" is #LegislativeDictionary for "my idea is nuttier than a bag of squires," Gaetz Tweeted, apologizing later that he meant to say “squirrels” instead of squires. He removed the Tweet and apologized to Campbell, who then went on to support the Republican bill against abortion.

Campbell quoted the Bible and reminded the members “Thou shalt not kill.”

The furor was also noticed by Republican leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera. Republicans were annoyed with Randolph for his comments about a woman’s uterus – a word that he said he was almost banned from using.

“I don’t know what’s up with that guy,” Lopez-Cantera said. “He said he’s pro-choice, but when Daphne Campbell wants to make a choice, he punishes her for it.”


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Diane Wilson

No, Ms. Campbell might have made a personal choice but in doing so denied other Florida women from making their own. Disgraceful!

You Chose Death

This is what happens when totalitarian children get elected to office. They can only allow you to make a choice that is their choice. One of your own which may be in opposition to yours is not tolerated. Two thumbs up to Miss Campbell. Stand by your convictions. And really, why did the guy get so irrate after all? Doesn't the feminist movement believe that men have no say whatsoever about the issue because it's the woman's body....hmmmm? As a republican I will be contributing to Ms. Campbell's reelection.


Doesn't the Florida House have a sergeant-at-arms? Randolph should have been kicked out until he calmed down, and then censured by the House until he publicly apologized to Campbell. This body of politicians should be policing themselves, not acting like kindergartners with temper tantrums.

Sara P. Espinoza

For immediate release… Thank you! Sunday, May 1, 2011.


Haitain-American State Rep. Daphne Campbell
Victim of Hate Crime on Florida House Floor


MIAMI, FL – Florida Hispanic Democratic state representatives Luis Garcia, Janet Cruz, and Darren Soto must defend their colleague, recently elected Haitian-American State Rep. Daphne Campbell, victim of a hate crime on the Florida House of Representatives floor, Tuesday, April 26, 2011. State Rep. Scott Randolph (D – Orlando) committed the hate crime against Rep. Campbell because she spoke on behalf of her constituents on a critical issue and subsequently voted her convictions.

“Rep. Randolph’s despicable hate crime cannot be tolerated in the Democratic Party and all three Hispanic Democratic state representatives have a duty and an obligation to speak out against this hate-filled bullying in the people’s house,” said Sara P. Espinoza, president of the Miami-Dade Democratic League (M-DDL), the state’s largest Hispanic-Led Democratic Party organization. The League has issued a strongly worded resolution censuring Rep. Randolph and asking that he publicly apologize or resign from the Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party is not the Nazi Party or the KKK and State Rep. Scott Randolph’s Nazi-like hate crime against Rep. Campbell is an affront not only to Rep. Campbell, but to all the people of Florida. Apparently, Rep. Randolph thinks the Florida House is his "plantation” and Rep. Campbell is one of his slaves," states Espinoza.

“Randolph’s political extremism is the main reason Republicans have been able to reach veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate despite being outnumbered by registered Democrats in Florida,” explains League Chairman, Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto. “Frankly, Randolph is an embarrassment to Florida and the Democratic Party. He needs to publicly apologize to Rep. Daphne Campbell or resign from the Democratic Party. If not, Randolph will definitely face additional, stronger sanctions if he ever attempts to run for public office again,” Armesto intimates.

For more information, please contact Sara P. Espinoza at 786/286-8787.

Working For Change Now! -- ¡Trabajando por el cambio ahora!
Post Office Box 350751 - Jose Marti Station
Miami, FL 33135-0751

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic League of Miami-Dade are not tax deductible.

Diane Wilson

This was certainly no hate crime and trying to make it one is purely a political vendetta. I cannot believe the Democratic League of Miami-Dade would insult Rep. Randolph this way. As a Democratic female voter of Florida, I would have wished Ms. Campbell would have voted with her fellow democrats rather than as a republican. Perhaps she should change party affiliation as her vote does not represent Democratic women.

Judy Meissner


The Democratic League of Miami-Dade should be commended for having the decency and the courage to vindicate the good name of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is not the Nazi Party and should not tolerate Nazi-like individuals such as Scott Randolph.

No legislator should be assaulted, insulted, and threatened for exercising their constitutional right to vote on the floor of the Florida House.

Scott Randolph is not fit to be a member of the Florida House of Representatives. The Florida House is NOT Randolph's plantation and Rep. Daphne Campbell is NOT his slave!

Randolph needs to be expelled from the House of Representative or, at the very least, formally censured for his utterly unbecoming hate crime.

Anyone who minimizes Scott Randolph's crime is an accessory after the fact. SILENCE IS VIOLENCE... against Daphne Campbell, against the Rule of Law, and against the People of Florida.

Innocent Smith

Diane, you might be surprised to know that not all Democratic women support the direct intentional killing of the most helpless human beings among us. Its a hell of a bloody litmus test to have.

I'm not surprise that someone like you who sees no problem with violence as a solution to an unwanted pregnancy also sees no problem with violence as a solution to an undesired vote on a bill.

Freda Stevens



Prolife Democrats Support State Rep. Daphne Campbell and Call for the Democratic Party to Show Inclusion
Prolife Democratic Group to prolife state legislators: It’s time to come of the closet!

DAVIE, FL – Florida Haitian American Democratic state representative Daphne Campbell debated in favor of anti abortion bills as a freshman legislator. As a result of her unwavering support for life Rep. Daphne D. Campbell (D-Miami), has become the victim of a hate crime on the Florida House of Representatives floor, Wednesday, April 27, 2011. State Rep. Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) committed the hate crime against Rep. Campbell because she spoke on behalf of her constituents on a critical issue and subsequently voted her convictions. Minority Leader Rep. Ron Saunders joined in the attack on Rep. Daphne Campbell, both of whom threatened to find someone to run against her in 2012. Rep. Scott Randolph called her a traitor and threw her commemorable pen in the garbage can.

“We commend Rep. Campbell for her tremendous strength of character and unwavering commitment to standing up for her beliefs in the face of attacks from within her own Caucus,” said Freda Stevens President of Florida Democrats for Life. “We call on the Democratic leadership to demand that all Members of the Democratic Caucus and Democratic Party treat pro-life Members with respect and allow members to vote their conscience with respect to life issues.”

For years the Democratic Party has been called the party of inclusion; yet, when faced with a member of the House who has opposing convictions; party leaders ignore principles and attack its members. It is essential that the Democratic Party embrace prolife members and minorities or stop taking our vote for granted. Now is the time to hold the Democratic Party accountable for her hypocrisy. The word inclusion by definition means the state of being included. That means the Democratic Party must include: prolife democrats and democrats from all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

“Representative Campbell is a true hero and like, former Governor Bob Casey, Congressman Bart Stupak and other inspirational pro-life Democrats, she refuses to yield to pressure from the Party and maintains her strong pro-life convictions,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America. “We urge other Democratic legislators and pro-life democrats around the country to follow her lead and proudly and publicly advocate for the protection of life at all stages.”

The Democratic Party is stronger when the platform includes a common sense balance between both sides of the abortion debate.

Florida Democrats for Life applauds Rep. Daphne Campbell and plans to support her reelection bid with a fundraiser in the coming weeks. It is time for all prolife democrats to come out of the closet and support their convictions.


For more information, please contact Freda Stevens, President/954.594.9567.

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