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SunPass discount would end under Senate plan

The Senate today approved a measure that would end the SunPass toll discount.

SunPass is an electronic toll-paying system and users typically pay 25 cents less than drivers who pay cash on Florida's Turnpike and other state toll roads.

The vote was 28 to 11.

The SunPass issue is included in a bill that allows the state's Turnpike Enterprise to absorb three authorities: the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, the Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority and the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority in Okaloosa County.



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Yeah, we're not gonna raise taxes per se, but we'll get ya in other ways...


Haha @ anne. What an unnecessary and inconvenient change in order to secretly pull in more money. Especially for people who travel via SunPass's convenience daily back and forth for work. Crooks


Yup, they are raping us for the little we have left. When will this stop, look at ourselves, getting bullied; they are stripping us from our rights. This world better wake up or we are going to keep going downhill > . sigh

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