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The Senator and the motorcycle lobby

Sen. Steve Oelrich says he's not targeting any group, but he's precariously taking on a literally noisy lobby over, well, noise. His press release:

With scores of motorcyclists set to descend upon the State Capitol on Monday representing ABATE of Florida, Inc., Senator Steve Oelrich (R - Cross Creek) is requesting that local and state law enforcement agencies decide which laws they choose to enforce and which should be repealed.  Senator Oelrich recently sent letters to the heads of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tallahassee Police Department, to alert them of the group’s impending arrival and to ask if officials plan to enforce motor vehicle noise levels found in F.S. 316.293.

 “Since coming to Tallahassee, I’ve noticed a number of the motorcycles belonging to members of ABATE when they visit to be in clear violation of the law,” said Oelrich. “I’m simply asking that if we are not going to enforce these laws then why not take them off of the books?”

According to their website, ABATE of Florida members ride to Tallahassee once a year to lobby on issues important to them.  The group promotes motorcycle safety and rider education.  A list of Florida motorcycle laws on the ABATE website includes F.S. 316.293.

 “I am not targeting any particular group or agency,” commented Oelrich. “I just think we should enforce the laws we have, and if not, let’s repeal them.”


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George Fuller

Loud motorcycles allow men, and some women, to act like Marlon Brando wanna be......

Take away the noise and sales would drop dramatically......

Tami Dale

Loud pipes saves lives. I am a rider and know first hand our pipes are some times the only "horn" we have. I agree that some are louder than others, but that's not why we get motorcycles. We deserve to ride freely like anyone else. Mopeds, scooters, bicycles and even cars have the right to stay alive. If my pipes make you look for a minute, GOOD, my life means more than a moment of your time to be cautious. You take time to buckle your seat belt, put on a bicycle helmet or florescent clothing, that's your right, don't tread on mine! When you hear a bike, look twice and save a life.


ABATE is an anti-helmet group. This organization puts out anti-helmet propaganda, and lobby against the reinstitution of Florida's universal helmet law, which was in effect from 1967 to 2000. They should not be considered in any way to promote motorcycle safety or rider education.

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