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Traditional Values Coalition rips Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "A junkyard dog"

Apparently traditional values may not extend to name calling. From Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as leader of the Democratic National Committee: 

"Way to go DNC. You found the candidate who best fit your profile for DNC Chairman: a junkyard dog who is mean, nasty, shrill, able to screech at a moment’s notice, aggressive, and of course able to manipulate the facts and always uncompromising.

"If there is anyone out there unaware of just how out-of-touch the retro-liberal Democrats are, Mrs. Schultz will underscore that fact. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has a record that stands out as one of the most radical members of her party. That makes her the woman most appropriate to lead this radicalized Democrat Party. No trouncing at the polls and no Tea Party revolt are going to chasten these people – their worldview dictates that taxes must always be headed up, spending must be done with abandon and religious citizens should be neither seen nor heard.

"Ms. Schultz sees sweeping federal spending as the starting point in every conversation within the Beltway, and she isn’t intimidated by ballooning deficits. Democrats love spending and government growth, and they have no time for any mention of American exceptionalism. In fact, when it comes to the DNC they have a discouraging answer for every question. Never is heard an encouraging word over at the DNC, and Mrs. Schultz and the rest of the liberals in the House are their guiding lights."


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Welcome to Obama's America, she is a perfect example of what the Democrat Party is today.

Jan - Country Girl

Andrea Lafferty definitely sounds like a "piece of work" and she is from the TRADITIONAL VALUES COALITION??? ~ I have witnessed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz speaking many times and her description is not at all like the person I have heard. ~ She is a very caring, honest, down to earth person that has been in Congress to fight for the TRADITIONAL VALUES person. ~ As far as her religion goes, I would venture a guess that this woman who has had a bout with CANCER would probably know more about calling on her faith then those who have never had to deal with a life-threatening disease! ~ It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to judge her faith! ~~~

Then, let's talk about the taxing and spending ~ Where the heck was Andrea Lafferty during the last administration while all that spending was going on? ~ They started out by inheriting a surplus and spent their way into the biggest debt this country has ever had. ~ Then there is the "manipulating facts" factor: Anybody remember who was telling us about weapons of mass destruction in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and getting us into a war we had no business getting into? ~ For those who do not remember the men on those plans were from Saudi Arabia, NOT IRAQ! ~ And during all this spending let's lower the taxes! ~ Looks like they needed some math lessons!

I keep hearing how we will produce jobs by continuing the tax break for the wealthy. ~ If that were true why didn't it work during the Bush/Cheney years? ~ I hear from the Republican side how wonderful it was during the Reagan/Bush era of tax breaks for the wealthy and the trickle down theory ~~~ Ask me what a great idea that was for a lot of us (BOTH TIMES). ~ Anybody else recall Mr. Reagan telling his Treasury Secretary that "THE BULLS ARE NOW IN CHARGE". ~ He certainly forgot how thankful he was for the WPA that had given his father work many years before when his family was having a rough time! ~ SAD, REALLY SAD!

You've got to realize that some of us are not that easily brain washed and when we have had rough times there is not someone standing there with a check in their hand for us, we work more jobs, more hours while the wealthy have gotten richer and are having a lot more time to play (and getting tax breaks they don't need)!

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