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Whack NPR but not Radio Marti?

With the federal government poised for a shutdown, the left leaning think tank, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, questions why lawmakers interested in cutting the budget have taken aim at National Public Radio but left Radio and TV Marti -- the stations that broadcast to Cuba -- unscathed.

"Both are expensive and fruitless remnants of Cold War-era propaganda battles," the council writes. "Their termination would go largely unnoticed by Cubans and be applauded by most U.S. taxpayers, who presently shell out roughly USD 30 million every year to fund the broadcasts."

The Marti broadcasts have been on the chopping block before, but South Florida lawmakers have blocked cuts, arguing that Cubans need to hear something other than state-sanctioned news. Critics argue the programs are jammed and no one listens.


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Tv and radio Marti is a HUGE WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY!


Really, Micky, Really? Tell that to the poor Cubans who are starving for freedom and rely on Radio Marti Broadcasts. And if you think the broadcasts are not getting through, ask those who finally step foot on free soil and the first thing out of their mouths is 'where is Radio Marti?'

Micky, Really?

And to Leslie Clark, please be a true journalist and get the facts straight. These broadcasts are being heard...

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