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Allen West and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in accord, at least when it comes to Afghanistan

Tea party star Allen West and his Broward colleague from the other side of the aisle, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, don't have much in common. But they both have suggested that it's not time to speed up a withdrawal from Afghanistan.

 At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this morning with reporters, Wasserman Schultz -- the new chair of the national Democratic party -- dismissed concerns that Democratic angst over the war will dampen enthusiasm for President Barack Obama at the polls - or prompt a primary challenge.

"I think President Obama's responsible position that we should make these decisions based on conditions on the ground makes sense," she said. "That you can't just say 'Hooray we killed Osama bin Laden, so that's it, we're done.' We know in the terrorists attacks that took place in retaliation for killing Osama bin Laden that the war on terror is certainly not over."

Still, she noted that should anyone ask voters in her "very progressive" congressional district whether "they'd like to see us get out of Afghanistan, they would say yes," she said, adding that, "since Osama bin Laden, probably they feel more strongly that we should.

"But," she added, "President Obama has a plan, that they know we're going to begin withdrawing troops this summer from Afghanistan. And so far I've seen the voters being willing to give his plan an opportunity to work."

West, a retired Army lieutenant colonel said the House especially shouldn't be talking about troop withdrawal at this time of year: "That's when the Taliban comes on the strongest," he said. "The snows melt, the passages open up..It's war season. Why would we want to talk about quitting?"