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At Republican rally, Rick Scott to celebrate 'jobs budget' that kills c.4,500 jobs

It's long been a staple that a budget is as much a policy roadmap as a political statement, but Gov. Rick Scott is kicking it up a notch with his... er... the Republican Party of Florida's annnouncement that he'll be signing Florida's "jobs budget" Thursday in the friendliest of GOP places, The Villages retirement community.

And though it's called a jobs-creation budget, it will initially lead to the loss of budgeted state jobs, 4,492 to be exact. Scott says eliminating state-worker jobs is a necessity because it reduces the size of government and helps the private-sector business climate --a theory Democrats largely reject.

The budget Scott will sign looks little like the one he unveiled in Eustis, Florida before a mostly elderly, white conservative crowd. Scott's most indelible mark, roughly $37 million in corporate-income tax cuts as part of $300 million in tax cuts and business incentives. That's a far cry from the $2.4 billion in revenue reductions he called for. Also, the proposed $69.7 billion state budget actually accounts for higher-education spending -- something Scott left out of his proposal in order to make it look like he was slashing bottom-line spending by a huge amount, to $65.9 billion. Scott called for more than a 10 percent cut in per-student spending, something the Legislature balked at as well. He also rolled out two-budgets in one (that is, a spending plan for fiscal years 2011-12 and 2012-13. Together, Scott's proposal was 167 pages long. The proposed budget approved by the Legislature was 406 pages.

Despite those differences with his own plans, Scott will call the budget his own when he signs it. He'll also slash spending with his veto pen. TaxWatch has given him a roadmap to cut about $203 million (curiously, TaxWatch left off the $350k for House Speaker Dean Cannon's home county of Orange to help it prosecute accused killer mom Case Anthony).

Don't be surprised if Scott tries to one-up former Gov. Charlie Crist, who axed $459 million in his first year in office to win the record of top budget cutter. To get near Crist's record, Scott is likely to deeply cut spending for higher-education buildings (known as PECO appropriations).

Here's the announcement from the Republican Party of Florida on the event, issued by his former campaign spokesperson, Trey Stapleton, who's now RPOF's spokesperson:

On Thursday, May 26th, Governor Rick Scott will be signing the jobs budget in the Villages. I want to invite all Floridians to celebrate the historic signing of this critical bill that will put our state on the right path towards getting Floridia back to work. The details for the event are as follows:

Celebration for the Signing of Florida's Budget

May 26th, 2011
1022 Lake Sumter Landing
The Villages, FL 32162

Since taking office Governor Scott has focused on holding government accountable while creating opportunities for our state to grow and create jobs. This budget accomplishes those goals and much more.

During this celebration, Governor Scott will also have a special announcement that will further cement these principles into this session's work. Please come out in support of our Governor on Thursday and take part in this historic bill signing.

Hope to see you there,


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Nick Smyth

Only Democrats think that job growth comes from confiscating private wealth to grow government jobs that requires more confiscation of private wealth. I think they are trying this in Venezuala. Hows that working for you.


you're a blubbering idiot!
how's that Dubya/Jebbie Bush agenda working for ya bud?

west coast guy

I read about this governor and his positions and pronouncements, and wonder--just how stupid are Florida voters?

tom baxter

Unmentioned are the hundreds of thousands of school board employees that will also be terminated as a result of this budget. Foxxcom has expressed an interest in coming to Florida, if subsidies can be made right.


OK how about this morning he signed a bill to LIFT requirements that truck drivers and other port workers get a state criminal records check in addition to a federal check, as well as State standards for fences, lighting, closed circuit cameras also were eliminated for Florida Seaports.
(Steve Huettel St.Pete Times)

Most would call this a breach in security!


The memo can't even spell the name of the state correctly. Welcome to your future, Floridiots!

norman shewman

The Republicans want to cut healthcare to the poor and cut healthcare to the elderly by changing Medicare.As the Bible states "that which you have done to these,the least of these my brethen,you have done unto me"May God
have mercy on their soul

 Other Parts of Florida exist

Does the Govenor not care about all of Florida? He seems to care only about the people in The Villages.

Living Large

The Villages is a wonderful place to live. I work so I can afford to live here. Liberal whiners could too if only they applied themselves and became contributors to our state's economy instead of a burden.


If Rick Scott fired all teachers and rehired them as baby sitters with no benefits, we could probably save even more money $$$


Living Large, shame on you. I am a teacher and I work really hard to make the world a better place. This career option leaves me with less pay which is my choice, but please do not assume that because someone can't afford something it is because they are lazy or not "applying themselves". I am sure the Villages is a nice place and I will refrain from assuming that everyone who lives there shares your judgmental views. If you would please do the same and withhold assuming that all people who can't afford to retire there are not hard working.


The Villages is NOT IN Florida. It is some kind of mothership from up north that was deposited in the middle of an orange grove where the town of Lady Lake used to be. Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rick Scott all have made pilgrimages to pay homage there. What do all these people have in common with the denizens of The Villages? None of them are Floridians, none of them have the well-beings of Floridians at heart, none of them have a vested interest in the future of Florida. The current governor is NOT a Floridian. Maybe that is why he feels so at home in that artificially constructed subdivision that has spread like cancer through three counties. Florida deserves better. We must do better. While I accept if we hadn't sold it, they couldn't have bought it, We must find a way to redeem our state. We must find a way to get it back from these people.


Sorry, should have been "well-being". Easy to make a typo when you get fired up...

Patrick Love

Where are the 700,000 new jobs? By my math, that's nearly 705,000 to go and he's not even started to add jobs in the State of Florida! I repeat: Where are the jobs?


By the time he gets through gutting education in this state, the only jobs we will be qualified for is pool cleaners, housekeepers, yard guys, and the ever popular "do you want fries with that?". Hmmm, maybe that's the plan. There are plenty of pools, yards, golf courses, and restaurants in the "subdivision that ate Florida". Perhaps he is just trying to make sure they have a desperate therefore cheap workforce?


Sara, yes, you have a point there! Never thought of it that way..but your right!
Bad thing is it is contagious. Sarasota took away all the benches out of a park so that the homeless would leave the area. I ask, where is the compassion for our fellow human beings out there? Why did these people get elected?


Anne if Livin Large is there, I doubt the Villages is all that nice of a place. I doubt he contributes all that much to our state's economy either. He or she is probably one of those business owners that likes to avoid paying taxes, just like Rick Scott. He wants you to pay yours tough so he can continue to live large.


Let's be clear. The Republican's only plan is to take your money and give it away to the wealthy. They plan to take the money that would otherwise be going to schools, health care, retirements and use that money to fund rich class WELFARE.

That is their "JOBS" plan.

Not only is that plan robbery, it won't work. It doesn't matter how much money we throw at the businesses they won't be hiring as long as there are no customers. There won't be any more customers until there are more paychecks. Business owners aren't the "job creators". WE ARE THE JOB CREATORS. Every time you buy something you are contributing to someone's paycheck. We need JOBS, not more rich class WELFARE.


I am truly curious as to how many people who live in The Villages are actually from Florida? Or how much of their working lives was spent in Florida? My guess is that they are all mostly retirees from northern states.

Any true Floridian will tell you that the wages here are of the lowest in the Nation. Working people coming here from other states generally take a cut in pay by as much as 50%.

At this point, I am surprised that Rick Scott has not called for a lowering of the minimum wage to "attract business" in Florida.

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